Audiolab Reveals New 7000 Series Audio Components

Experience cutting-edge audio with Audiolab 7000 Series components. Discover this revolutionary new series now!

Drawing on the basics of the 6000 Series, as well as leveraging technologies from the top-tier 9000 Series, Audiolab’s new 7000 Series includes the 7000A integrated amplifier (£1099, about $1300), 7000CDT CD transport (£549, about $675 US), and 7000N Play network audio player (£549 about $675 US).

Located between the 6000 and 9000 models, the Audiolab 7000 series are designed to be top-notch products that provide maximum performance at an accessible price. Sharing a similar external design to the 6000 series, the 7000 series offers full-color IPS LCD screens and additional features. Additionally, despite being more compact than the 9000 series, it is still said to provide ergonomic design, premium engineering, and a wide range of features, along with excellent sound quality and connection options.

Audiolab 7000 Series: 7000A integrated stereo amplifier

Audiolab 7000 Series

While it looks a lot like its more affordable sibling, the Audiolab 7000A integrated amp surpasses the 6000A with a true 70W of power per channel, a new digital-to-analog converter, a full-color IPS LCD display, and more.

It has a DAC stage based around a new-generation ES9038Q2M Sabre chipset which supports PCM to 32-bit/768kHz, DSD 64/128/256/512, and full MQA decoding. It also does digital upsampling and has five user-selectable DAC reconstruction filters.

It has Bluetooth 5 streaming with aptX HD support for wireless listening, and it’s also certified ‘Roon Tested’ for connection to that powerful music management software.

There are tons of digital and analog connections, including a High-quality MM phono stage. You also get a dedicated current-feedback headphone amp. Like with the 6000A amp, you get three operational modes: Integrated Mode, Pre-Power Mode; and Pre Mode.

Cable inputs
▪ 1x USB Type B digital (768kHz)
▪ 4x S/PDIF digital (192kHz)
▪ 4x stereo RCA analogue (3x line; 1x MM phono)
▪ 1x stereo RCA power amp in
▪ 1x USB Type A for firmware updates
▪ 1x 12V trigger

Cable outputs
▪ Gold-pated speaker binding posts
▪ 1x 6.3mm headphone out
▪ 1x stereo RCA preamp out
▪ 1x 12V trigger

7000CDT CD transport

This season will witness the introduction of the latest CD transport in the Audiolab range. Like the other components in the firm’s 7000 Series, the 7000CDT occupies a place between the 6000CDT and 9000CDT in the company’s product lineup, taking after its highly esteemed 6000 Series counterpart while also upgrading certain aspects.

Two of the enhancements are on the front side. Firstly, the stadium-shaped display is slightly bigger than the 6000CDT’s monochrome display, showcasing the same color graphical user interface featured throughout the new 7000 Series. Secondly, the 6000A’s slot-loading system is swapped out with a top-notch tray-loading mechanism encased in an electromagnetically shielded enclosure that contains a high-precision optical system and low-friction loading tray.

To improve the power supply and output circuitry, the engineers have made changes to the internal components of the 7000CDT, including the use of a premium quality toroidal transformer.

A lot of attention has been given to the design and circuit layout of the device to reduce the sound interference caused by external vibrations and its high-velocity motor, and to protect the delicate elements from electrical interference. The 7000CDT is equipped with a temperature-controlled crystal oscillator to control its master clock, thus reducing the jitter in the digital output from its coaxial and optical sockets.

Moreover, the coaxial output is connected to a differential line driver to ensure an error-free digital signal is delivered to the included DAC. Additionally, the 7000CDT works with other top-notch DACs. In addition to playing CDs, the 7000CDT also has a USB Type-A input so you can play files from external drives.

Audiolab 7000 Series: 7000N Play network audio player

Audiolab 7000 Series

The new 7000N Play is said to be a major development from its predecessor the 6000N Play. While it retains the flexibility of DTS Play-Fi’s wireless audio platform, It offers the newest Play-Fi module, added components, and an improved DAC (with a new-generation ES9038Q2M DAC chip) for a minimal additional expense.

Consumers can access music from any network-connected device – phones, tablets, laptops, NAS drives, and servers – with the two-antenna, dual-band Wi-Fi. It can also link wirelessly to other Play-Fi-enabled items, allowing for a perfectly synchronized multi-room system.

The 7000N Play can be connected to a broadband router either through Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable, granting three streaming possibilities.

The first one is the Play-Fi app, which provides access to a broad range of content sources, such as Tidal, Spotify, Amazon Music, Qobuz, Deezer, radio stations, podcasts, and DLNA-based streaming services.

Second, Spotify Connect allows streaming through the Spotify app rather than Play-Fi. Lastly, the recently included AirPlay 2 feature grants access to Apple Music and other streaming platforms when the source or control device is an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple TV.

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