Best Christmas Gift Ideas: 10 Audiophile Gifts To Splurge On!

best christmas gift ideas

We’ve rounded up our favorite audiophile gifts for the holidays! If cost is no object, here are the Best Christmas Gift Ideas to splurge on!

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The Best Holiday Gift Ideas:

Best Christmas Gift Ideas: 10 Audiophile Gifts To Splurge On!

1. iFi xDSD Gryphon – Ultra-Res Portable Balanced DAC & Headphone Amplifier

The iFi xDSD Gryphon is a portable DAC/amp with outstanding digital and analog performance. It features a high-quality headphone amplifier and a high-resolution 32bit / 768kHz USB digital audio interface.

$599.00 At Amazon

2. Naim Uniti Atom Music Streaming Player Headphone Edition

The Uniti Atom Headphone edition is a high-quality headphone amplifier and digital audio player. It is designed to be used as a standalone unit without any external equipment. Just add headphones! Goes great with the next item on the list.

$3,799.00 At Amazon

3. Focal Clear MG Open-Back High-Fidelity Over-Ear Headphones

The Focal Clear Mg Headphones feature a magnesium diaphragm which offers excellent dynamics and detail. It is lighter than aluminum and has a higher density than steel!

$1,499.00 At Amazon

4. Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-600M II Bookshelf Speaker

The RP-600M II Bookshelf Speakers were designed to deliver top-notch sound quality without breaking the bank. The new design features a larger tweeter horn and a new crossover network. This allows the speakers to produce deep lows and crisp highs.

$749.00 At Amazon

5. Cambridge Audio CXA81 Stereo Two-Channel Amplifier

The Cambridge Audio CXA81 is a high-end headphone amplifier that offers a wide range of connectivity options. It supports Bluetooth wireless streaming (aptX HD), a built-in ESS Sabre DAC with USB, and several analog inputs. It even has a headphone amp.

$1,299.00 At Amazon

6. Cambridge Audio CXN V2 Stereo Network Streamer

The Cambridge Audio CXN V2 Network Streamer lets you play your favorite online streaming services directly through your home stereo system. It connects to your Wi-Fi router and streams audio over your home network. You can access all your favorite online music services right from its beautiful front screen.

$1,299.00 At Amazon

7. KEF LSX II Wireless HiFi Speaker System

The KEF LSX II Wireless Hi-fi Speaker System is designed to provide high-quality audio playback through various sources. It features Bluetooth 4.2 technology, allowing users to stream music wirelessly from their smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Users can also connect the speakers to their home network via Wi-Fi to play music from Spotify & TIDAL Connect!

$1,399.98 At Amazon

8. Devialet Mania High-Fidelity Portable Speaker

The Devialet Mania portable speaker is a new product from the French audio company Devialet. It’s designed to offer a full range of features and sound, including Wi-Fi connectivity for indoor use, Bluetooth streaming for outdoor use, and a built-in rechargeable battery. Four full-range drivers and two subwoofers provide room-filling music.

$790.00 At Amazon

9. Bluesound POWERNODE Wireless Multi-Room Hi-Res Music Streaming Amplifier

The new POWERNODE is designed to deliver high-quality sound while providing enough power to drive any speaker. It features a redesigned digital amplifier board with a powerful 80 watts per channel output. This allows the unit to drive even large floorstanding speakers without distortion.

$949.00 At Amazon

10. Focal Bathys Over-Ear Hi-Fi Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

The Focal Bathys Wireless Headphones are designed to give you reference sound quality without wires getting in your way. They feature a sleek design and comfortable fit, so you can enjoy your favorite tunes wherever you go.

$799.00 At Amazon

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