Starke Sound Intros Their Fiera Amplifiers, Affordable Powerhouses With Prices Starting At $1499

If you’re looking for an affordable power amp with plenty of juice on tap, you should check out the new Fiera Amplifiers from Starke Sound. These amps use Starke’s proprietary 1-kilowatt SAPS switch-mode power supplies and NS600 Class-D amplifier modules to deliver a clean 130 watts RMS per channel into 8 ohms and double that into 4 ohms. The Fiera amplifiers are designed for the lowest noise and distortion at typical listening levels.

There are two models to choose from: the $1499 Fiera4, a 4-channel amp bridgeable to three channels to power the front of a home theater system, or two channels for a high-end music setup. Next, you have the $1999 Fiera8, a straight 8-channel amp for home theater applications. Both units look to be built with fantastic attention to detail, all the way down to the custom-made beryllium copper binding posts.

The Fiera4 is available now at, with the Fiera 8 coming in August.

The following press release is courtesy of Starke Sound:

Starke Sound Launches Fiera Amplifiers

GARDENA, CALIFORNIA—July 2022—Starke Sound introduces the Fiera multichannel amplifiers, built for enthusiasts seeking higher fidelity from their surround and immersive systems for both film soundtrack and music reproduction in their homes. These new models provide substantial power and effortlessly realistic sound. 

The Fiera4 ($1,499 MSRP) is a second-generation, 4-channel, Class D amp using the unique architecture and proprietary technology found in previous Starke designs, and can be bridged for 2- or 3-channel operation. Users can upgrade the sound from their audio/video receivers with the Fiera4 driving left, center, and right speakers, add height channels for an immersive rig, or power a 2-channel audiophile music system. The Fiera8 ($1,999 MSRP) is a pure 8-channel, Class D amplifier for home theaters. Both models employ Starke Sound’s new, proprietary, 1-kilowatt SAPS switch-mode power supplies and NS600 amplifier modules to deliver 260 watts RMS per channel into 4 ohms with very smooth sound quality.

The Fiera4 is available now. Sales of the Fiera8 will begin in August 2022.

About Starke Sound

Founded in Los Angeles in 2009 and incorporated in 2012, Starke Sound, Inc. designs high-fidelity audio products in the USA and is a vertically integrated designer and manufacturer with worldwide distribution. The company’s mission is to continuously advance the state of the art of multichannel sound reproduction for residential and commercial applications. Starke Sound’s unwavering commitment to the highest sound quality has been recognized with numerous industry awards and by delighted customers around the world.

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