SoundPEATS Free2 Classic Review: The Best True Wireless Earbuds Under $25! (W/Coupon)

SoundPEATS Free2 classic Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth V5.1 Headphones

SoundPEATS Free2 classic Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth V5.1 Headphones







What We Dig

  • Beautiful Design
  • Comfortable Fit
  • Remarkable Sound

What To Think About

  • Occasional Slow Connections


Great looks, comfortable fit, and excellent sound make these earphones an impulse buy for those looking for affordable true wireless earbuds without ANC.


With many smartphones getting rid of headphone jacks, folks are forced to carry around a dongle for wired earphones or pick up a pair of wireless earbuds for phone calls and music.

Because of this, manufacturers are cranking out true wireless earphones at a wide variety of price points. Consequently, nowadays, you can pick up wireless buds for as low as twentysomething bucks.

That said, from my experience, most earphones at that price point aren’t all that great. They usually sound horrible, have awful battery life, connection issues, or all three.

So today, I’m looking at the SoundPEATS Free2 classic Wireless Earbuds, a good-looking set of true wireless earphones that retail for $25.99 but sell for as low as $21 with discounts. The company promises an experience “beyond your expectation,” which is ironic because I really don’t have very high expectations for true wireless earbuds that are so cheap.

On the other hand, SoundPEATS made their name selling highly affordable wired earphones and headsets that sound good for the price, so I wonder if they can bring that magic over to the Bluetooth side.

So, are you looking for a cheap pair of earphones still worth the cash? Well, read on, and I’ll let you know if the SoundPEATS Free2 classic fits the bill!

Disclaimer: The SoundPEATS Free2 classic was sent to us by the manufacturer in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.


While the SoundPEATS Free2 classic’s build is lightweight, they still feel pretty sturdy and look great. In addition, while the case is entirely made of plastic, the two-tone color scheme and faux leather texture give these earphones a somewhat luxurious feel.

Additionally, the charging case and earbuds are compact, so they should be suitable for those without much room in their pockets or those with smaller ears. Smaller earpieces should add to the comfort, and I found the fit to be quite secure without being too intrusive.

In addition, they are IPX5 rated, so they are sweat resistant for workouts, and they have metal mesh over the mics to keep dust and debris out. On the outside of each earpiece is a touch-sensitive control pad, and on the Inside there are 6mm “bio-compound” diaphragm drivers.

Speaking of touch-sensitive controls, I found them pretty intuitive, with most functions supported by just a couple of taps. For example, a single tap on the left or right earbud will raise or lower volume, while a double tap on either bud will play or pause playback. You can also turn off either bud by pressing and holding the one you wish to turn off.

The touch controls also seemed to have just the right amount of sensitivity, so I didn’t have to tap over and over to get the earbuds to do what I wanted them to do.

Wireless connectivity comes in the form of Bluetooth 5.1, which allows the earbuds to connect to your phone relatively quickly, even though I found the time needed for the buds to pair together just a second or two slower than competing buds.

That said, while it’s noticeable, it didn’t impact usability, and by the way, you can use the buds together or each one on its own.

Bluetooth 5.1 also allows for a more extended range and good battery life, which in this case are about 8hrs of playback for the earbuds and a total of 30h after a few recharge cycles from the fully charged case. By the way, the charging time for the case is about 2 hours.

The case recharges via the included USB-C cable (or most aftermarket cables for that matter). There is no wireless charging capability at this price, but that’s no biggie at this price. You also don’t get ANC, but again for twenty bucks, you can’t expect the world.


As far as sound is concerned, I have to say I was pretty surprised at the clarity of these affordable buds, especially since they don’t support advanced audio codecs like aptX or LDAC. While they are more bass-heavy than I usually prefer, the low end doesn’t muddy the midrange at all, and it’s very well controlled and deep.

In addition, the extended bass makes these earphones quite fun to listen to, especially when you’re listening to well-recorded dance music. For example, I had a great time listening to Drake’s new album “Honestly, Nevermind” on these buds, as the vocals were very crisp, and the bass was fast and precise, especially for a twentysomething dollar pair of earbuds.

Furthermore, the Free2 classic still had enough refinement to make audiophile recordings like Macy Gray’s “Stripped” sound good, providing decent soundstage and separation between the instrumental and vocal parts, along with good detail and air for the price point. No harshness up top either.

The elevated bass was a little distracting on Macy Gray’s Jazz recordings, but let’s face it, more Drake fans will be buying these earbuds than Jazz fans, and the latter will love that extra thump. I’m picky about sound, and I found nothing else to complain about after listening to the Free2 classics.

The Wrap Up

In conclusion, after spending some time with the SoundPEATS Free2 classic, it’s hard to believe what you get for so little cash. The comfortable fit, solid build, and beautiful design should probably be enough for twentysomething dollars, but these headphones have great sound on top of that, which pretty much makes them a no-brainer as long as you don’t need ANC. These earbuds are amazingly engaging for the money, and you will have a hard time finding a pair of TWS earbuds under $50 that sound much better than these.

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