EarFun Free Pro and Air Pro Review: Best Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds Under $100!

EarFun Air Pro

-Great looking design and fit.
– Lightweight and very comfortable.
– Great clean and balanced sound.
– Amazing call quality.
– Quick and stable connection.
– Excellent ANC

-No aptX
-No Wireless Charging Case

$79.99 (+extra 10% off w/ product page coupon)


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EarFun Free Pro

– Great looking design and fit.
– Lightweight and comfortable (compact buds!).
– Fun, Spacious Sound.
– Amazing call quality.
– Quick and stable connection..
– Decent ANC
– Wireless Charging Case
– BT 5.2

-No aptX
-Bass Overwhelms the mix on some songs

$59.99 (+extra 10% off w/ product page coupon)


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Earfun, an innovative company out of Hong Kong, has managed to stand out in a heavily competitive True Wireless Earbud market, coming up with several affordable models that mixed useful features with decent sound quality. Their buds consistently end up on “best of” lists all over the web, and we put them on ours as well.

The first Earfun model we reviewed, the Earfun Air, thoroughly impressed us, so we were all in when we were offered to review their two new “Pro” models, the $79 Earfun Free Pro and the $99 Earfun Air Pro. Those are list prices; frequent discounts make them even cheaper (both are $20 off right now).

Disclaimer: The Earfun Air Pro and Earfun Free Pro were sent to us in exchange for an honest review, and that is what follows.

Both “Pro” models have quality active noise-canceling, responsive touch controls, quick, stable connection, and excellent phone call quality. They each also have IPX5 sweat and water resistance, plus a comfortable fit. While they have many similarities, each has its own individual mix of features that will endear them to different audiences.


Build quality for both the Free Pro and Air Pro are outstanding. Each one uses high-quality plastics, and I never felt like they were fragile in any way. The Free Pro is more of a traditional TWS design with two oval-shaped buds that plug into your ear, bolstered by a silicone “ear hook” that keeps them steady.

The Air Pro is designed similar to the Apple AirPods Pro, with a “hump” that keeps them seated in your ear and a stem that hangs down with the touch controls. They basically “sit” in your ear instead of “plugging” in your ear like the Free Pro, which depends primarily on friction for stability.

The lower-priced Free Pro actually has some things the more expensive Air Pro doesn’t have, like BT 5.2 vs. 5.0 for more range, a more secure fit due to the use of silicone ear hooks, more intuitive controls (incl. Vol control, which the Air Pro doesn’t have), and a wireless charging case. The earpiece is also smaller and lighter, and it has a new Low Latency mode to improve voice sync when watching videos.

However, the Air Pro is a bit more comfortable due to a shallow fit, has stronger ANC, better battery life (9 vs. 7 hours), motion-sensitive earpieces that stop playback when you remove them from your ears, and clearer, more balanced sound.

Listening to the Free Pro and Air Pro

Compared to the Air Pro, the Free Pro has a more mid/bass-heavy sound, similar to brands like Skullcandy and Beats. It’s not bad per se, just not as refined as the Air Pro, due to a somewhat elevated bass that somewhat impacts the midrange. To me, the bass overwhelms the rest of the mix on some songs. Highs are also rolled off at the very top, which reduces detail overall.

That said, the Free Pro has an entertaining, engaging sound that makes you nod your head to the beat. When I Listened to “Confines” by Black Pumas, the sound was nice and spacious, and the bass nicely punctuated the rhythm. Combined with the secure fit and sweatproof design, I can see them being a great earbud for exercise.

When I listened to the same song on the Air Pro, the soundstage was wider, there was more detail in the highs, and the bass was more articulate, giving them a balanced sound that I liked better personally. The mids were also a lot sweeter, giving them more depth than the Free Pro. If you’re looking for a comfortable pair of wireless earbuds with excellent sound and ANC for under $100, then the Air Pro should make you very happy.

The Wrap-Up

The EarFun Free Pro and the step-up Earfun Air Pro are two of the best, if not the best, options for True Wireless Earbuds under $100. If sound quality and strength of active noise canceling are what you’re looking for, then the $99 (Now $79 w/extra 10% off coupon) Air Pro should be on your list. If you’re looking for a more secure fit for running or exercise along with decent noise canceling and a little extra bass, then the $79 Free Pro (Now $59 w/extra 10% coupon) will probably be up your alley.

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