IFi’s ZEN CAN Adds A Tempting New Option To The Headphone Amp Game!

This $149 Desktop Headphone Amplifier brings quality power to the masses

Late last year, iFi introduced the ZEN Series, an ultra-affordable line of desktop audio components that won over many with their modern design and excellent value. We reviewed both of the first two products, the ZEN DAC headphone DAC/Amp and the ZEN Blue Bluetooth DAC, and were impressed by each of them.

Today iFi introduced the latest addition to the ZEN Series, the $149 ZEN Can, an analog Headphone Amp that shares the same sleek aluminum chassis as the rest of the ZEN gear. It’s marketed as an upgrade to the headphone amp stage in the ZEN DAC or as a headphone amp companion to the ZEN Blue wireless DAC. However, you can hook it up to any audio gear with analog outputs such as a CD player or Digital Audio Player.

The ZEN CAN has a Balanced, dual-mono circuit capable of driving tougher headphone loads. Designed with the input of hi-fi legend John Curl, it pulls some critical elements from iFi’s flagship device, the Pro iCAN headphone amp, which retails for about $1799. Power is rated at a hefty 1600mW into 32 Ohms. Along with that, it also has four-step adjustable gain, plus iFi’s excellent 3D and XBass audio enhancements.

The ZEN CAN will be available for purchase Friday, July 31st. For more info and purchase information, check out https://ifi-audio.com/products/zen-can/

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