These Innovative True Wireless Earbuds Kill Germs And Surround You In DSP Enhanced Sound

Today, LG announced its US debut of the LG TONE Free, a novel set of true wireless earphones that boasts both DSP from high-end audio company Meridian and a UVnano charging case which claims to kill germs inside the earphones.

LG says the case uses UV LED light to kill 99.5 percent of bacteria on the inner speaker mesh during the charging cycle. That’s the portion of the earphone that sits close to your inner ear right behind the silicone ear tip.

In actuality, LG TONE Free is a series of three new true wireless models. The Flagship $149 HBS-FN6 comes with the UVnano case, but the other two, the $129 HBS-FN5W and the $99 HBS-FN4, join the FN6 in offering Meridian’s DSP audio technology called HSP (Headphone Spatial Processing).

This DSP is said to provide a soundstage that simulates listening to a pair of speakers, plus enhanced vocal clarity.

All three models also include Meridian’s EQ, which offers four sound settings to tailor the listening experience. The FN5W also has a wireless charging case that allows cable-free charging with compatible charging pads.

The FN6 comes in Black or White, the other two models in Black only.

LG TONE Free true wireless earphones are available for purchase via They also provide a dealer locator.


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