Product Of The Year 2019-DAC/Streamers: The Tremendous Audiolab 6000N Play Wi-Fi Audio Streaming Player!

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Product Of The Year 2019-DAC/Streamers: Audiolab 6000N Play Wi-Fi Audio Streaming Player

It’s 2020, and even though vinyl is winning the Audiophile popularity contest right now, for me, digital music files reign supreme when it comes to practicality and accessibility.

That’s why digital audio streamers are a big deal to me. A poor sounding streamer can bring an otherwise robust system down to its knees.

And the sound quality is why the $599 Audiolab 6000N Play Wi-Fi Audio Streaming Player wowed me this year. I have swapped it in and out of numerous rigs, and it always plays the anchor role with finesse.

Add to that the backbone of DTS Play-Fi, and you have a winner. All you need is a quality tablet with the Play-Fi app installed, and a whole world of music unfolds before you.

Some people may want a streamer with a fancy screen on the front, but I’d rather have that money put into the internals so that it can play music with depth and accuracy. That’s what you have with the 6000N Play.

If you’re in the market for a quality streamer that won’t break the bank, then you need to check out this one from Audiolab.

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