Cambridge Audio Strengthens Its Network Music Streamer Lineup With Qobuz

Cambridge Audio’s Network Music Streamers now fully support Qobuz via the Streammagic app. 

Via a recent update, Cambridge Audio’s Streammagic app now offers full support of Qobuz, a high res music service that provides music streams at up to 24/192 better-than-CD quality.

This update adds a third major Music Streaming service to Cambridge Audio’s CXN (V2), Azur 851N, and Edge NQ network streamers alongside Spotify and TIDAL, providing access to an additional 50 million tracks if you have a Qobuz subscription.

Last month, Qobuz announced they were dropping MP3 music streams, playing only FLAC files with CD-Quality resolution at a minimum. At the same time, they announced they would be reducing their streaming plans to two options, Studio Premier and Sublime + with the former on sale for $14.99/month until the end of January. Click here for more information.

For more info on Cambridge Audio’s Qobuz support, visit


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