Get This High-End Audiophile Headphone At A Bargain Basement Price!

When The AudioQuest Nighthawk Carbon Headphone first came out a few years back, it used to routinely sell for $699, but now you can get it at the crazy price of $299!

The Nighthawk Carbon is a bonafide audiophile headphone that is not only beautiful to look at, but also provides a smooth, warm sound that competes with any headphone under $1000.

They are very detailed and natural sounding but at the same time quite easy to listen to since they don’t have fatiguing highs. They have deep and tight bass response, but they are not basshead headphones. So if you a looking for a headphone that sounds like you are at the club they will probably not be for you. But if you like clear, natural vocals, nice soundstage, and beautiful instrumental timbre, these are for you.

The Nighthawk Carbon is also very comfortable, with a low clamp and two sets of very comfortable earpads. These will make a perfect headphone for listening at work since you can pretty much drive them from any source and they don’t leak a lot of sound. However, they scale up very well, so the better the source the better they will perform.

Audiophiles who are looking for high-end sound on a tight budget are snapping these up quickly, so I would pick up a pair while you still can! BTW, if you are looking for a small Headphone Amp/DAC to go with it, the $200 AudioQuest DragonFly Red is a perfect partner for it!

Buy Here: AudioQuest Nighthawk Carbon Semi-Open Around-The-Ear Headphones

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