Music You Need To Hear: Listen to Kamasi Washington’s “Fists Of Fury” and “The Space Travelers Lullaby”

Since he came on the scene a couple of years ago, Saxophonist Kamasi Washington has provided awe-inspiring soundscapes that simultaneously “do it for the culture”, and expose the listener to “high culture”. This continues with two more tour de force jazz compositions from his upcoming double album “Heaven and Earth” which is scheduled to come out June 22nd.

The two new tracks are called “Fists of Fury“, taken from the “Earth” side of the new album, and “The Space Travellers Lullaby“, taken from the “Heaven” side of the project.

The tracks are awesome, displaying the grand orchestration Washington is known for, and if the rest of the album is as good as these two songs, he may actually surpass the level of greatness he showed on his debut project “The Epic”. Be sure to listen to that as well if you are not familiar with it. Check out the new tracks and “The Epic” below…

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