Music You Need to Hear: Dr. Lonnie Smith

I feel like it doesn’t get any more funky than a soulful guitar lick and wailing Hammond B-3 organ, and this new album from jazz great Dr. Lonnie Smith and his trio, surely confirms this hypothesis.

“All In My Mind”, Smith’s second release of his second stint with Blue Note, is from a live concert recorded last summer at New York’s Jazz Standard, and they did a great job of capturing the intimacy of the venue. You can’t help being drawn in by Smith’s old school soul jazz organ interspersed with the soulful yet intricate guitar playing of Jonathan Kreisberg, laid on the rhythmic foundation set by drummer Johnathan Blake.

Soul Jazz may be considered a relic to many, but those who are skeptical regarding the relevancy of the Hammond B-3 need to hear this project. It may have roots in the past, but it also sounds very contemporary based on the experimental nature of it’s arrangements. Definitely music you need to hear. Be sure to check out the track “50 Ways To Leave Your Lover”

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