Must See: World’s Smallest MQA Hi Res Audio USB DAC/Headphone Amp Launches On Kickstarter Today

Zorloo’s Ztella, the World’s Smallest MQA DAC/Headphone Amp, is launching on Kickstarter today. I covered its introduction last month on the site, and the specs are jaw-dropping, to say the least. The biggest selling point is its ability to act as an MQA renderer, much like the Dragonfly DAC/AMP from Audioquest, but with dimensions not much bigger than a standard USB-C dongle. This will allow users to get enhanced sound quality (bitrates up to 24/192) from Tidal Masters on TIDAL, or MQA files purchased elsewhere.

This is a gamechanger if it manages to work as advertised, and I hope to get one in hand to give it a thorough testing. From my understanding, suggested prices are USD $89 for the MQA version and USD $65 for a non-MQA version. If you’re not familiar with the MQA High-Resolution audio file format, check this out.

The campaign will go live at various times throughout the day in different cities around the world, and I’m sure there will be incentives for the early backers. Here is the link for the campaign page…

Here is the launch schedule:





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