Axloie Magic True Wireless Earbuds Review: These Fashionable Earphones Are A Phenomenal Value!

A few months ago, I got an email from a company called Axloie asking me to help review their Magic True Wireless earbuds. You know, at the end of the day, this site is all about good sound, so I’ll give any product that promises Hi-Fi sound a shot.

The Axloie True Wireless Earbuds come in black with light blue accents, or black with pink accents, and sell for $40 at the time of this writing. They sent the Black/Pink to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review. That is what follows.

Features at a glance:
1) Bluetooth 5.0 & Automatic Pairing
2) Mono / Stereo modes
3) Hi-Fi Stereo Sound & CVC 8.0 noise cancelling for Phone Calls
4) IP65 waterproof design
5) Charging case can be used as a power bank
6) Touch Controls
7) Siri Assistant Control
8) Rated at 130 hours playtime using the 3000mAh compact charging case

As I’ve said before, there’s a ton of TWS‌ earphones on the market nowadays, and most of them work the same. There’s only a couple of ways to differentiate your product, and that’s with flashy exterior design or sound enhancements, like Bluetooth codecs or upgraded drivers.

The Axloie Magic goes the flashy design route, positioning itself as a True Wireless earbud for fashion-conscious consumers. The earbuds themselves are sleek and shiny, and the charging case almost resembles a jewelry box. The buds light up to show connection status. I can picture them being worn by a fashion model on the way to a shoot.

Speaking of the case, I‌ was surprised at how big it was compared to the relatively small earpieces. That is until I‌ found out the case had a 3000mAh battery inside and doubles as a power bank, meaning it can provide a quick charge to your cell phone via its USB-A‌ connector.

The case provides 130 hours worth of charge to the earphones, but the earphones themselves only last four hours between charges. That’s not terrible, but it’s shorter than average. At this point, most TWS‌ earbuds go at least six to eight, and some longer than that.

My only bugaboo is you still have to use a micro-USB‌ cable to charge the case itself. I like to see USB-C for many reasons; the speed of charging is the primary one.

The operation is pretty simple. You turn the earphones on and off by taking them in and out of the case. Voice prompts then guide you through the connection process. The fit is secure and comfortable. I don’t think many people will have problems keeping them in their ears as long as they pick the right ear tip. They come with three sets, small, medium, and large.

Both earpieces have touch controls in place of push buttons. Usually, I prefer buttons because touch controls are often finicky. But in this case, the earpieces were very responsive to my taps, and controls were laid out in an intuitive fashion. I‌ was able to master the sequence of taps quickly.

Listening to The Magic

I liked the sound of these TWS‌ earphones. It was good to see they were more than just a pretty face and had hi-fi chops as promised. It was hard to gauge where this good sound was coming from because nowhere in the specs did it say what kind of driver the Magic used, nor did it mention the Bluetooth codec.

I was able to ascertain from looking at the Developer settings on my LG V40 phone that the Axloie used the AAC‌ codec during my sound testing, and that aptX was not an option. So I assume AAC‌ and SBC (which all Bluetooth earphones support) are the supported codecs.

The treble was a little rolled off at the top, but it was smooth. The rich, open midrange paired with the deep, albeit slightly boomy bass, gave them a warm, laid-back sound.

The soundstage was nice and full, and imaging was remarkable as well. The sound put me in the mind of the BLON BL-03 wired earphone everyone is talking about right now, even though the Magic isn’t nearly as transparent.

Compared to the $49 Tranya T3 True Wireless Earbuds, to which I gave a favorable review earlier this year, the Magic was a lot clearer sounding and was more engaging. But keep in mind the T3 has smaller earpieces and lasts a little longer between charges.


No matter what I listened to on the Axloie, be it swinging jazz vocals from Jazzmeia Horn, or booming House Music from Channel Tres, it was entertaining. I love their balanced sound. If you’re looking for extreme levels of detail, these will not be for you, but if you want a performance that’s both credible and musical, you will like these.

That, along with the stylish looks, comfortable fit, and ease of use, make these True Wireless Earbuds an excellent value for $40 bucks they are selling for right now. They should please the fashionistas, as well as those looking for good sounding Bluetooth earphones on a budget. They would also make a great gift for your significant other…Pick these up without hesitation.

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Axloie True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headphones

Axloie True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headphones








  • Beautiful Design
  • Balanced Sound
  • Great Fit


  • No USB-C

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