Brainwavz Audio Alara Planar Magnetic Headphone Now Available For Pre-Order

Once a brand known for inexpensive, high-value IEMs like the Delta, Brainwavz Audio has beefed up their lineup over the last year or so, adding several premium products to their offerings, including several balanced armature IEMs and a new studio monitor headphone.

In August, they announced their most ambitious and most expensive model to date, the Alara Planar Magnetic headphone. Planar Magnetic models are known to have more detailed and precise sound than dynamic models, but they also generally cost more, with the most coveted models costing well over a thousand dollars.

However, companies like HifiMAN and Audeze are making some great sounding models that cost around $500, and that’s where the Alara falls, carrying a list price of $550. But starting this week, Brainwavz is offering a $50 discount for pre-orders, bringing them down to $500 for those who order them prior to the in-stock date of Dec 13th.

From the Alara website:

TREAT YOURSELF TO STATE OF THE ART SOUND with the Brainwavz Alara Planar Magnetic Headphones. The Alara use Planar Magnetic speaker technology for better a dynamic frequency response, that kicks out the sound with perfect reproduction. If you love music, you’re gonna feel perfection every time you put on the Alara!

STUNNING HIGH FIDELITY – The Alara uses the latest technology to give you truly realistic vocals and crisp, detailed instrumentation. Planar technology uses larger and faster drivers for better performance and lower distortion. That means the Alara’s Frequency range is 10 Hz ~ 40 kHz with an impressive Sensitivity of 94 dB at 1 mW.;

COMFORTABLE FIT – You’ll love wearing as well as listening to these headphones. We cut no corners on the quality of the earpads. They are plush, deluxe pads that caress your ears with a mix of PU leather and soft, velour materials. We even included a spare pair to use when you wear the first set out! After all, you will want to keep and enjoy the Brainwavz Alara for years to come.;

DURABLE CONSTRUCTION using the finest materials with exceptional engineering and design. You will be able to use and enjoy these all day every day for years. This is an investment you will be glad you made.

For more info and Pre-Orders, visit the Brainwavz Web store.

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