Hi-Fi Deals: Kef Q100s Are Back Down To $250!

One of my all-time favorite Budget Bookshelf Speakers, the Kef Q100, is back down to its all-time low price of $250 on Amazon…During the holiday several sites were selling them for that price, but then they went up to $300 after the holidays were over. This speaker is a Budget Audiophile favorite for a reason, and that’s because it has a beautiful soundstage and nice transparency unheard of for a speaker you can routinely pick up for under $300.

These speakers were actually priced very well at their original price of $550, so now that they are selling less than half of that, they are a steal. And you can actually get them for about $20 less by purchasing a used pair from Amazon Warehouse Deals!

If you are looking for a great budget bookshelf speaker, you better move fast, because there is no telling how long this price will last.

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