Music You Need To Hear: Sons of Kemet-“Your Queen Is a Reptile”

Sorry guys, I missed Music Monday, but never fear I still have a great music recommendation for this week. This week’s album is from Sons of Kemet, a British jazz band I just discovered, led by saxophonist Shabaka Hutchings. As I said last week, (I think it was last week anyway) I am truly entranced by this new Golden Age of Jazz, which draws from all cultures and musical genres.

“Your Queen Is a Reptile” is another example of a band breaking rules yet paying homage to traditional jazz forms, with a bouncy sound that draws from African and African diasporic rhythms such as Afro-Beat, Caribbean Music, and to my ear New Orleans Brass Band Style.

I really love what they do with the unexpected combination of Tuba, Sax, and Dual Drums, along with the occasional spoken word piece. It’s really funky and makes you want to move to the beat. It’s definitely music you need to hear. Check out the track “My Queen is Harriet Tubman”.

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