Music You Need To Hear: Tigran Hamasyan-“For Gyumri”

Pianist and composer Tigran Hamasyan’s “For Gyumri”, his third recording on Nonesuch Records, is what I would call short and sweet. At only 5 tracks, it is technically an EP, but the combination of atmospheric chants and beautiful piano combine to form a rich tapestry of sound you may want to play several times back to back.

Some words from Hamasyan regarding his inspiration:

“I believe that our childhood experience shapes who we become when we grow into adulthood,” says Hamasyan. “For Gyumri is an ode to my birthplace, the town that nourished my childhood world with great experiences and made me who I am. The people and their characters, the soil, the water, the bread, the dialect, all the small streets, the architecture, churches, the mountainous air and everything else the town had to offer gave me memories that now seems like a magical dream that was once a reality.”


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