AKG Now Accepting Pre-Orders on its $1000 5-Driver Earphone, Ships Mar. 4th

AKG‘s new “Reference-Class” Earphone, the N5005, is now available for pre-orders on the AKG website for $999.95, with free 2nd-Day shipping.

Announced at CES 2018, the N5005, features a complement of 4 Balanced-Armature and 1 Hybrid drivers, along with exchangeable Sound Filters, and three different types of cables, including a Bluetooth adapter cable for wireless operation. On top of that, it has a glossy ceramic outer housing for a real high-end aesthetic.

Digging deeper into the N5005’s robust feature set reveals 4 individual “Sound Filters” to customize the sound, each one screwing into the top of the earphone tube, accentuating different parts of the sound signature. There is a filter for “Reference” or flat sound, a “Bass Boost” filter to enhance bass, along with “Mid High” and “High” filters to enhance different parts of the high frequency sound. The “Reference” comes pre-installed from the factory.

The flagship earphone also comes with 3 different cables, 2 for wired operation and 1 Bluetooth cable for wireless operation. The wired cables come in both the 2.5 mm balanced and 3.5 mm standard audio variety, with the 2.5 mm balanced offering enhanced sound quality when used with a high-end digital audio player that has a 2.5 mm balanced jack. The 3.5 mm cable offers a combination microphone/remote compatible with both Android and iOS products.

The additional Bluetooth 4.1 cable is both novel and useful since it allows ultimate flexibility regarding sources, and that is not a small thing with many mobile phones getting rid of the headphone jack. It also has a combination microphone/remote and claims 8 hours of usage per charge, augmented with fast-charging capability, providing 1 hour of playtime from a 15 minute charge.

The AKG is expected to start shipping on March 5th, and you can place your pre-orders here on AKG’s website.

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