ICYMI: Great Hi-Fi Content From Around The Web

This past week I read and watched quite a bit of interesting hi-fi stuff….check it out:

Here’s a nice feature from What Hi-Fi breaking down what Hi-Res Music is, and how to integrate it into your listening room…


This is a well-written story from the New Yorker that actually came out a couple of weeks ago, chronicling  the writer’s personal travels through the world of the audiophile hobbyist. I suggest all audiophiles read it, and see how his story compares to their own..


Kef has some good advice about maximizing the placement of your subwoofer…and you don’t necessarily have to have a Kef sub to use it…


Here’s an interesting video from PS Audio talking about what goes into building a high-end audio integrated amp…

Here’s another vid from Steve Guttenberg, talking about the importance of closing your eyes when you do your critical listening…what you think?



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