Music You Need To Hear: Chick Corea + Steve Gadd – “Chinese Butterfly”

Our music pick this Friday is Chick Corea’s new album “Chinese Butterfly”. On this album he shares top billing with his former band-mate Steve Gadd, who was a drummer in Corea’s Core 70’s Jazz-Fusion group “Return To Forever”.

If you still play CD’s, then this would be a 2-Disc set, but for me it was just a set of extended Tidal streams which proceeded to cause my head to bop as I completed a long overdue work assigment.

Corea fans like myself will feel right at home listening to these Latin-tinged arrangements, which are more reminiscent of his work from the 70’s than some of his other recent projects. To me it is more free form and intrepid, which is a place where I believe Corea is at his best.

From the Chick Corea Website:

Fifty-year musical partnerships are rare. But the bond between keyboard virtuoso Chick Corea and master drummer Steve Gadd is legendary: five decades after they first met, Corea and Gadd are making some of the most vital, adventurous music they’ve ever created. Barn-storming funk-based workouts, dazzling and intimate lyrical excursions and Spanish-hearted improvisations set a new standard for no-boundaries jazz. And thankfully, they caught it on tape.

Chinese Butterfly, Corea & Gadd’s debut two-disc studio album, featuring five epic new Corea compositions, is scheduled for release January 19, 2018 via Concord Jazz. The album’s title hints at the rare and transfixing beauty of its music. Chick and Steve use their shared history of fearless innovation as a launching pad, pushing into new territory with an inspired band of collaborators: Benin-born guitarist and vocalist Lionel Loueke, saxophonist and flutist Steve Wilson, Cuban bassist Carlitos Del Puerto, and Venezuelan percussionist Luisito Quintero.

Listen Below:

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