AFUL SnowyNight DAC/MagicOne IEM Review: A Match Made in Audio Heaven?

Does the AFUL SnowyNight and MagicOne pairing deliver portable audio bliss? Find out in our in-depth review, covering sound quality, features, and value.

Let’s face it: there are a ton of DAC/Amps and IEMs on the market, and there seem to be a lot more coming out each month. That’s why it’s sometimes hard to get excited about new models which land on my desk. That said, the AFUL SnowyNight I’m checking out is a cool-looking portable DAC/Amp with a great look and dual DAC chips that promise to make your music sound way better on your phone, tablet, or laptop. It’s designed to work perfectly with the AFUL MagicOne IEMs, which I also have in for review—they’re like best buds for your ears! Let’s see if this combo is worth getting excited about.

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AFUL SnowyNight/MagicOne Price

Okay, so first, let’s get down to the dollars and cents. The AFUL SnowyNight DAC/Amp typically sells for around $110, and the MagicOne IEMs go for around $149, making the pair come in around $250. The combo isn’t exactly an impulse buy, especially if you’re on a strict budget. Still, if you’re serious about making your music sound fantastic, you may see the prices as reasonable since they each have some decent specs and build quality for products that sell around $100.

Build & Design

AFUL Snowynight

The SnowyNight DAC/Amp is surprisingly solid for its small size. It has a fantastic metallic finish and feels very solid in the hand. It has both the standard 3.5mm single-ended and the fancier 4.4mm balanced headphone outputs, which is a nice touch, especially if you’re using less sensitive headphones. The MagicOne IEMs are also nicely made and lightweight and fit comfortably and snugly in the ear. These aren’t going to fall out of your ears easily!

Key Features:

  • SnowyNight DAC/Amp:
    • High-Performance Dual CS43198 Flagship DAC Chips.
    • Supports 32-bit/768kHz PCM and Native DSD256 Audio signals.
    • Ultra-Low Distortion Performance(THD+N≤0.0037%).
    • Strong Output Power(Up to 300mW).
    • 3.5mm+4.4mm Dual Headphone Output Options.
    • LED indicator for sample rate and status.
  • MagicOne IEMs:
    • Custom full-range single balanced armature driver unit.
    • Unique acoustic cavity design with a curved resonator tube for a robust bass response
    • Designed for a slightly warm, balanced sound signature.
    • Impedance: 38Ω.
    • Sensitivity: 103dB/mW.
    • Frequency Response: 5Hz-25kHz.
    • Passive Isolation: 26dB.
    • Connectors: 2-pin 0.78mm.
    • Termination: 3.5mm/4.4mm.
    • Cable Length: 1.2m.

AFUL SnowyNight/MagicOne Features

AFUL Snowynight

Starting with the Snowynight, one of the highlights is the included USB cable. It’s probably the most robust cable I’ve seen packaged with a portable DAC/Amp, and it looks great with its braided jacket and chrome connectors. According to the manufacturer, the cable supports stable data transmission and is shielded to protect against external interference. Lighting and USB-C

Moving on to the DAC itself, the AFUL SnowyNight offers clean power signal processing and dual CS43198 flagship DAC chips for balanced high-resolution audio. It also boasts crystal-clear sound output with high signal-to-noise ratio performance.

On the top of the unit, there is a single multi-color LED that designates the operation status or the type of file being played, and on the side, there is a volume control that changes the volume independently of the source device. Volume changes are smooth, and you can change it in steps with a single press or continuously with a long press.

The volume control also functions as a gain control, switching between high and low gain modes with a press of both the + and—buttons. By long pressing the same two buttons, you can also switch between five digital filters, which allow you to tweak the sound a bit. The digital input connection is USB-C, and as stated earlier, there are two outputs, one 3.5mm and one 4.4mm balanced, which allows you to send out about twice the voltage of the single-ended connection.

Overall, this DAC/Amp seems really well built, has a great look, and has a wonderful feature set for the price. In addition, the controls are well laid out and pretty intuitive.

AFUL Snowynight

AFUL MagicOne

Like the Snowynight DAC, the MagicOne IEM also has a nice finish and a similar metallic “snowflake” motif embedded inside the clear acrylic shells. The smooth, contoured housing sits comfortably inside the ear, and its lightness adds to its comfort. Additionally, it comes with a nice hybrid cable made of oxygen-free copper and oxygen-free copper silver-plated wire. It has a 32+37 core configuration, and it handles nicely as it is relatively tangle-free with good flexibility.

The only complaint I have about the cable is the unprotected 2-pin connector; I prefer the QDC type with the plastic around it, as it’s more durable. That said, if you’re careful, you should be okay, and with the standard 2-pin, you will have a lot more options when it comes to replacement cables. BTW, you can buy this IEM with either a 4.4mm or 3.5mm termination.

Inside the MagicOne, you get a single BA driver, which AFUL says is custom-made for them. The BA driver is connected to a serpentine resonator tube which is supposed to create some added bass response (more on that later). With a sensitivity rating of 103dB/mW, the MagicOne is quite easy to drive from any portable device, but it does scale up with better sources.

The MagicOne box contains two types of silicone ear tips (hybrid and regular), instructions, the cable, and a nice little hard carrying case that should protect the IEMs nicely. All in all, the MagicOne is a nice little package for around $100 bucks. At least when it comes comfort, build, and accessories. Now, let’s talk about sound.

AFUL SnowyNight/MagicOne Sound

AFUL Snowynight

Here’s the important part, right? Well, the SnowyNight is definitely a clean sounding DAC/Amp, with almost no background hiss, even with very sensitive IEMs. It also sounds quite neutral no matter which digital filter you select. To me this is a good thing, as it allows the headphones to shine. This also allows you to be less selective when matching headphones to it.

When it comes to the IEM’s the MagicOne sounds really smooth and pleasant, especially with the SnowyNight. The midrange is quite detailed and accurate making vocals and instrumentals sound remarkably clear. I find the upper mids to be a bit shouty at times (Prince’s vocal on “Purple Rain” comes to mind) but never overbearing. While the treble sounds a tad bit rolled off at the very top, the mid and bottom high end sound quite rich, which means you can hear those little details in your music quite well.

When it comes to the bass, it’s quite powerful and articulate, something you don’t usually expect from a single BA IEM. I guess you have to attribute this to the resonator tubes that snake thru the IEM housings. To get such powerful low end response with out adding the complexity of another driver, and without muddying the midrange is a remarkable feat.

The MagicOne is both smooth and detailed, which points to a refinement seldom heard at its price point. That said, you’ll probably get a little bit better resolution from IEMs at the $200 price point like the Timeless variants, but I found the MagicOne to be quite capable for an earphone that regularly sells for less than $150.

I should also mention, I tested the Snowynight with the HIFIMAN Arya Stealth full-size headphones I keep on my desktop as a reference unit, and it had no problem driving it via the balanced output on the low gain setting. This is a powerful DAC/Amp.

When it comes to the combination fo the Snowynight and MagicOne, I have to say I really liked this setup. The neutrality and clarity of the DAC/Amp combo plays well with the nicely balanced MagicOne, which opens up quite well when fed the clean signal from the Snowynight. The MagicOne also has the resolution and detail needed to present the musicality and depth of the AFUL DAC.

On the other hand, I must mention that the Snowynight and MagicOne give you a presentation that’s a little on the cool side, which means if you’re the type that equates warmth with musicality, this combination may sound a little too “dry” for you. That said, if you like a crisp sound with lots of detail and layering, then you’ll probably love this set. Especially for a setup that cost about the same as some good planar IEMs alone.


If you’re the kind of person who gets annoyed at how mediocre your music sounds on your phone or laptop, the AFUL SnowyNight DAC/Amp might be your new best friend. It’s small, clear and powerful, and really improves audio quality. The MagicOne IEMs pair incredibly well with it, giving you a comfortable fit and lovely smooth detailed sound. If you’re looking for a serious portable audio upgrade for a reasonable price, this combo is definitely worth checking out!


AFUL MagicOne Single BA Driver in-Ear Monitors:

AFUL SnowyNight Portable USB DAC & AMP:

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