The List: The Best New Hi-Fi Products For October 2023

Stay up to date with the latest trends in the world of hi-fi audio with our comprehensive list of the best new products for October 2023. Discover top-notch audio equipment that will enhance your listening experience.

October 2023 is a great month for hi-fi enthusiasts, with several new products being launched. Here is a list of some of the best new hi-fi products for October 2023:

Best New Hi-Fi Products: Speakers

Wharfedale Aura Series ($1499-$4999):

Best New Hi-Fi Products

Wharfedale, the renowned loudspeaker brand from Britain, embarked on an ambitious R&D project in 2016 to develop high-end designs that would surpass their entry-level Diamond speakers. After three years of exploration, two new speaker series were launched: the flagship Elysian Series and the mid-level EVO4 Series. These series share features such as AMT treble drivers, three-way configurations, and innovative cabinet engineering with Wharfedale’s Slot-Loaded Profiled Port.

Now, a third range called the Aura Series has been introduced, offering models at prices between the EVO4 and Elysian speakers. The Aura Series draws inspiration from the Elysian project, incorporating similar driver configurations and technical elements like upgraded AMT drivers and woven glass fibre cones. Available now at Crutchfield.

Best New Hi-Fi Products: Headphones

Bowers & Wilkins Px8 (New Royal Burgundy finish) ($699):

Best New Hi-Fi Products

Bowers & Wilkins, the leading premium audio brand, has introduced a new finish to their flagship wireless headphone, the Px8. The Royal Burgundy Nappa leather finish, complemented by refined gold detailing, is now available and adds a new level of luxury to the headphone. The Px8 offers exceptional sound quality, outstanding design, and a luxurious build that delivers a premium audio experience. This new elegant aesthetic is an excellent addition to the classic Tan and Black models. Priced at $699, the Px8 is perfect for anyone who wants superior sound quality and a stylish accessory.

Sivga Nightingale Planar IEM ($229):

Sivga has released its first Planar IEM called Nightingale. Designed in the shape of a water droplet, its housing is made of a unique aluminum-magnesium alloy material that is finely polished, giving it a radiant shine. The faceplate is crafted from precious wood. This earphone features a dual planar magnetic driver with a rectangular array structure, which is said to result in high transmission sensitivity, uniform soundstage distribution, and excellent transient response.

Furthermore, Sivga says the combination of an ultra-thin composite diaphragm and powerful magnet delivers punchy and elastic bass, high-resolution treble, and rich, emotional middle-range vocals positioned slightly forward. The earphone also comes with a high-end cable that utilizes Japanese square silver-plated copper covered in a soft PVC material, ensuring high-quality transmission while remaining tangle-free and soft to the touch. The Nightingale is available now at Amazon.

Meze Audio 109 Pro Primal ($999):

This is the Meze Audio 109 Pro Primal, a special edition of the Hifitrends Highly Recommended Meze 109 headphones. Handmade by skilled artisans, these headphones feature unique walnut earcup frames painstakingly carved, then delicately sanded for a smooth feel, and coated with linseed oil for a natural, matte texture. Following the principle of taking time and paying attention to detail, these headphones can be disassembled and serviced endlessly, ensuring longevity. The 109 Pro Primal also boasts the same award-winning technology as the original 109 Pro headphones, recently named Best Headphones of 2023-2024 by the EISA Awards. Pre-order the Primal now on

Other Components/Accessories

Ifi Audio hip-dac 3 portable USB DAC/headphone amp ($199):

Best New Hi-Fi Products

The third-generation hip-dac has arrived, offering upgrades and improvements from its predecessors. With a sleek Titanium Shadow finish, this portable device now features two USB-C ports for audio and charging, making it compatible with a wbroaderrange of devices. The addition of iFi’s IEMatch gain switching technology allows for optimized output, reducing hiss, and enhancing detail and dynamic range, especially for high-sensitivity headphones and earphones.

Under the hood, circuit enhancements and an upgraded DAC section with improved timing circuitry contribute to a purer and crisper sound. The amp stage in this device now has a maximum output of 400mW, making it compatible with avariousheadphones and earphones, even those with high impedance.

The hip-dac3 supports high-resolution PCM and DXD audio data at sample rates up to 384kHz, as well as DSD from 2.8MHz to 12.4MHz. It also fully decodes MQA, and indicates the format and sample rate of the incoming audio through color-changing LEDs. Priced at US $199, it is available today at select retailers.

Record Doctor Low Profile Record Clamp (New Black Color) ($39.95):

Best New Hi-Fi Products

Pangea Audio has introduced a new color option for its popular low-profile Record Doctor Record Clamp. The new black chrome knob adds an aesthetic upgrade to the existing satin-silver model. The clamp stands at 1 1/8″ high x 3 1/8″ diameter, making it perfect for use under turntable dust covers. This accessory is useful for addressing issues like bass vibrations and high frequency resonances when playing vinyl. It also helps reduce stylus and record wear, improving the longevity of both. The new black chrome model offers an improved aesthetic appeal. Available now at Crutchfield.

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