New Music Friday June 23rd: Your Must-Listens For The Weekend!

Get ready for the weekend with the hottest new music releases! Check out our must-listens for New Music Friday June 23rd.

Welcome to New Music Friday June 23rd, where we bring you the hottest releases of the week that you simply can’t miss! Get ready to immerse yourself in a wave of fresh sounds and captivating melodies. From chart-topping hits to hidden gems waiting to be discovered, we’ve curated a must-listen album list that will elevate your musical experience to the next level. Whether you’re a fan of pop, rock, hip-hop, or indie, we’ve got something for everyone. Get ready to groove to the infectious beats, sing along to the catchy hooks, and lose yourself in the powerful lyrics. So, grab your headphones, turn up the volume, and prepare to be blown away by the incredible talent on display this New Music Friday!

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New Music Friday June 23rd: Album Of The Week- Jonny Benevidez with Cold Diamond & Mink – “My Echo, Shadow and Me”

From the promo material:

The golden-voiced Chicano soul brother Jonny Benavidez is back on your platter and radio waves supported by the ever-faithful grooves of Cold Diamond & Mink.

On the top side you can enjoy the group soul beat ballad “My Echo, Shadow and Me” which complements perfectly the two crossover gems that Jonny has released on Timmion’s Stylart imprint in the past. When you flip the record over, you can drift away to mid-tempo soul heaven with the Mandells’esque “Playing The Fool”.

These tracks are done in a style which is quickly becoming the undeniable forte of Jonny, who can’t help paying homage to the classic voices of his childhood stomping grounds in Texas. It’s irresistible, it pulls you in, it’s pure soul gold.




1. McCoy Tyner -“McCoy Tyner-The Montreux Years” (Qobuz)

2. George Freeman -“The Good Life” (Qobuz)

3. Michael Stephenson, Alexander Claffy Trio-“Outskirts of Town” (Qobuz)

4. Charles Mingus -“Changes: The Complete 1970s Atlantic Studio Recordings” (Qobuz)

5. Kurt Rosenwinkel – “Undercover (Live at the Village Vanguard)” (Qobuz)

6. Portugal, The Man – “Chris Black Changed My Life” (Qobuz)

7. M. Ward – “supernatural thing” (Qobuz)

8. Jonny Benevidez with Cold Diamond & Mink – “My Echo, Shadow and Me” (Qobuz)

9. Niia – “Bobby Deerfield” (Qobuz)

10. Secret Night Gang – “Belongs on a Place Called Earth” (Qobuz)



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