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Discover the hottest new music today with our weekly roundup of the latest releases. From pop to indie, we’ve got you covered.

Are you tired of listening to the same old songs on repeat? Are you looking for some fresh new tunes to add to your playlist? Look no further than the best new music releases of today! From up-and-coming indie artists to chart-topping superstars, there is no shortage of incredible music being released right now. As a group of passionate music lovers, we are excited to share our top picks for the must-hear releases of the moment! So, grab your headphones and get ready to discover your new favorite artist with the best new music today!

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New Music Today: Album Of The Week- Mark Guiliana-“Mischief”

From the promo material:

Mischief is Mark Guiliana’s new release from the sessions that produced 2022’s acclaimed “the sound of listening”. Effortless and flowing, this is music by a band of eight years standing at its most spontaneous. This is the sound of the band just as they are. Setup, Hit Record and Play.

Recorded at the same sessions as “the sound of listening”, the music on Mischief represents a different side of the same coin. There’s a liveness and spontaneity that, as Mark explains, operates as a ‘sonic photograph of the band’. This music is not an afterthought or bonus material; it stands as an artistic statement in its own right. It’s a snapshot of the band of eight years just as they are – no overdubs, no electronics, no studio wizardry – live and direct.


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1. Mark Guiliana-“Mischief” (Qobuz)

2. Rickie Lee Jones-“Pieces Of Treasure” (Qobuz)

3. Josh Ritter -“Spectral Lines” (Qobuz)

4. The National -“First Two Pages Of Frankenstein” (Qobuz)

5. Labrinth – “Ends & Begins” (Qobuz)

6. Bastille – “MTV Unplugged” (Qobuz)

7. Tiny Ruins – “Ceremony” (Qobuz)

8. Y la Bamba – “Lucha” (Qobuz)

9. Diplo – “Diplo Presents Thomas Wesley: Chapter 2- Swamp Savant” (Qobuz)

10. Yuna – “Masih Yuna” (Qobuz)



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