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Ready to take your audio game up a notch? Check out this list of new gear for audiophiles and unlock sonic bliss!

Are you an audiophile on the hunt for the latest and greatest gear releases? Look no further than “The List” – your go-to source for hot new gear coming your way. Whether you’re a music lover, audiophile, or headphone enthusiast, “The List” has something for everyone. So sit back, relax, and get ready to experience the ultimate in new sonic technology.

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Andover Audio’s New SpinDeck 2 Turntable Now Shipping!

Announced last month, Andover Audio has begun shipping their SpinDeck 2 Turntable, which is the newest release from their Spin Collection.

The SpinDeck 2, which retails for $299, is designed to cater to vinyl fans who want a combination of affordability, top-notch performance, and convenience. According to Andover, the SpinDeck 2 is made of high-quality materials like a sturdy MDF plinth and features parts that are engineered with precision. Additionally, its plug-and-play design makes it an ideal match for Andover’s excellent SpinBase Series Turntable Speaker Systems.

SpinDeck 2 is an improved version of the original Spindeck, providing additional features such as electronic speed control and an automatic shut-off and arm return system, eliminating the need for manually lifting the stylus off the record at the end of each side. Starting the platter is as easy as lifting the tonearm from the armrest, and returning it will stop it.

In addition, the Quiet Belt-Drive feature helps to minimize any vibrations that could affect the sound quality of your music. The platter is made of cast machined aluminum, with a silicone rubber mat that helps absorb unwanted vibrations, and an Audio Technica magnetic cartridge is pre-installed. The turntable also has a built-in switchable Phono preamplifier allowing it to work with any system.

For more info or to place an order, check out

New Gear: FiiO Has Officially Launched the FT3 Over-Ear Headphones

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When it comes to headphone sound quality, driver selection plays a crucial role, as sound emanates from the vibrations of its specified materials. The new FT3 Open-Back Headphone from Fiio is equipped with a huge 60mm dynamic driver that is rare in its category. Its size allows it to move more air and convert energy into sound more efficiently than smaller drivers, producing a more natural and robust sound with a vast soundstage.

Moreover, the FT3’s large dynamic driver has even more benefits. For instance, its diaphragm can handle higher output power due to its size, resulting in lower distortion under significant dynamic load. Additionally, the larger driver can produce deeper bass easier than a smaller driver.

To meet the requirements of the FT3’s large driver size, FiiO conducted rigorous testing to determine the appropriate diaphragm material. They ultimately selected a beryllium-plated gasket and DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) diaphragm.

The beryllium plating on the FT3 driver gasket reduces distortion by providing controlled movement of the large dynamic driver. Meanwhile, the DLC diaphragm is both lightweight and robust, resulting in less nonlinear distortion and extended frequency response.

The 350Ω impedance of the FT3 is said to provide a purer sound with less noise compared to lower-impedance headphones. Overall, the focus of the FT3 design is on producing excellent sound quality.

FT3 is available for $299 at Fiio’s AliExpress Official Store.

New Gear: Klipsch Intros the R-40PM Reference Powered Speakers

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At $499 a pair, Klipsch’s new R-40PM Powered Speakers have versatile connectivity options, including Bluetooth for wireless music streaming, a phono input for turntables, plus digital and analog inputs. These speakers have a customized amplifier for optimal sound experience without the need for a stereo receiver.

These speakers have Klipsch’s large Tractrix horns paired with 1″ aluminum LTS (Linear Travel Suspension) tweeters for a clear and expansive sound. The 4″ copper-spun TCP woofers have steeply angled cones for improved rigidity and accuracy. In addition, these speakers have a small but deep set cabinet that is said to produce bass as low as 60Hz without utilizing a sub.

For more info or to purchase, check out the R-40PM over at

New Gear: Dekoni Teams Up With HIFIMAN For the Cobalt Closed-Back Headphones

Dekoni Audio, a manufacturer of headphone earpads and other accessories, has collaborated with the HIFIMAN brand to develop the $ Cobalt, a pair of closed-back headphones that provide an excellent audio experience and a comfortable fit. The Cobalt features large dynamic drivers with carbon coating strategically placed on the diaphragms. This placement allowed the engineers to precisely tune these headphones for a vibrant frequency response.

The Fenestrated Sheepskin Earpads from Dekoni’s Elite Series were selected for the Cobalt to provide superior comfort, breathability, and soundstaging. Additionally, the Cobalt includes a padded headband from HIFIMAN along with an extra set of Dekoni Elite Velour Earpads for even more comfort.

You can pick up the Cobalt from the Dekoni Audio website or

Cambridge Audio reveals CX Series Black Edition

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The well-known British audio firm, Cambridge Audio, has unveiled a limited Black Edition of its lauded CX Series 2. From March, this eye-catching version of the high-performance CXA61, CXA81, CXN, and CXC components will be available until stocks last.

The Black Edition is said to be a blend of elegant class and head-turning brilliance, featuring an aluminum front plate in a matte black finish and ‘CX BLACK EDITION’ lettering in a sparkling black gloss. This dual texture effect is designed to make them stand out from other black separates.

With its hi-fi heritage, the CX Series Black Edition is made for those wanting to upgrade their system with a Cambridge Audio component that matches their dark color scheme. Adding to its appeal, only 1,000 units of each component will be available worldwide; each purchase comes with a certificate of authenticity from Cambridge Audio. According to the CA twitter account, it doesn’t look like there are many pieces left…

For more information, visit

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