Periodic Audio Announces New IEM Prices: What’s New? And Why?

Periodic Audio just announced a long-term price reduction on its line of V3 in-ear monitors launched earlier this year. This price cut results from the company no longer selling through distributors in North America, instead offering products directly and passing the savings on to consumers.

Periodic Audio Announces New Prices: Why?

If you’re wondering why Periodic would lower the prices on their quality, Made In The USA earphones during this period of inflation, the following quote may shed some light:

Dan Wiggins, the co-founder of Periodic Audio, says, “After working hard to refine our manufacturing and material processes, our next logical step to reach a wider audience (is) to eliminate additional operational overhead costs resulting in a direct sale model for North America.”

Reading between the lines, it looks like Periodic is on the hunt for increased market share and sales, which is a good thing for value-minded audiophiles.

This new pricing structure represents an excellent value proposition for quality IEMs, especially if you like lively-sounding earphones. For example, one of our favorite Periodic Audio IEMs, the Beryllium V3 (currently on our Best of List), is now $249, down from $399, which is a difference of $150.

Here’s a complete list of the new prices:

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Pricing

  • Mgv3 (Wass $199 now $99)—Transducer material: 96% pure magnesium (more details here)
  • Tiv3 (was $299, now $149)—Transducer material: Pure titanium (more details here)
  • Bev3 (was $399, now $249)—Transducer material: Beryllium (specs here)
  • Cv3 (was $499, now $299)—Transducer material: Lab-grown Diamond layer (8µm thick) on Periodic Audio’s proprietary high-temperature polymer substrate (more details here)

Periodic Audio’s V3 IEMs feature custom-designed drivers developed in-house to have an ultra-wide frequency response range and high efficiency. They also utilize housings made of a new-generation copolyester that provide the best measurements for transient and harmonic distortion.

Additionally, the V3 IEMs use Periodic’s proprietary detachable cable system for enhanced reliability. They also use Periodic’s custom ear tips, proven to fit more than 95% of human ear canals. For more information on Periodic Audio IEMs, visit

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