Roon 2.0 Brings Stunning New App With On-The-Go Music Playback

Today, Roon Labs announced the launch of Roon 2.0, a significant new update to their well-liked music management software. This free update lets you use Roon outside the home, providing worldwide access and playback to your Roon library and its extensive metadata via the new Roon ARC app (available for iOS and Android).

Unlike the current Roon Remote app, which provides remote control of your Roon software while residing on the same network, Roon ARC replaces your other music apps, playing music not only from your local network but from your TIDAL and Qobuz libraries as well, anywhere you go. Additionally, the app explicitly gives you on-the-go access to many things you love about Roon, like Liner-notes, Album, and Song Credits, music recommendations, Roon Radio, and Daily Mixes, all from your smartphone.

On top of that, while you can play music using the public internet or your mobile data, you can also download your music files from your local network (not TIDAL or Qobuz) in their original format for playback when there is no internet access.

Finally, Roon ARC provides a ‘Signal Path’ feature that displays how the audio you’re listening to reaches your device and passes through to your headphones, which is pretty cool.

While Roon is far from the first company to offer this type of product (PLEX and UAPP have much of the same functionality), there is no other software that offers the sheer amount of metadata and recommendation smarts while roaming the streets. This seems like a true game-changer. Look for the Roon 2.0 update and the Roon ARC app today (around 5 PM EST in the U.S.).

Check out the video below for more info from the Roon Founder and CEO:

The following press release is courtesy of Roon Labs:

Roon – the immersive music management, discovery & streaming platform – launches Roon 2.0, featuring Roon ARC for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Free upgrade allows users to access their entire music library, wherever they are in the world.

New York, NY, September 20, 2022 —

Roon, the revolutionary player for music fanatics, is about to launch the most exciting software upgrade in its history – Roon 2.0.

At the heart of Roon 2.0 is a brand new mobile app. It’s called Roon ARC, and it’s designed from the ground up to give Roon users all their music, everywhere they go.

Whether working out at the gym, heading into the office, or traveling thousands of miles from home, Roon ARC gives its users remote access to their entire Roon library of albums, artists, playlists, and tags. Roon ARC makes everywhere feel like home.

Free for all Roon subscribers, Roon ARC offers on-the-go access to Roon’s treasure trove of metadata, letting you delve deeper into the music you love while on the move. Access Liner-notes, Album and Song Credits; Recommendations, Roon Radio, New Releases and Daily Mixes all from the palm of your hand. The Roon ARC app ensures you’ll no longer find yourself missing your favorite music on the go; no more missing your curated playlists; that all-important album that you want to listen to right now is always there for you.

Roon ARC integrates directly with TIDAL and Qobuz, linking your library of music with the millions of tracks available on these streaming platforms. This seamless integration not only means there is no longer any need to switch between different apps on your mobile device for streaming services – you can access TIDAL and Qobuz directly from Roon ARC – it also ensures that all this music is subject to Roon’s immersive metadata. When it comes to music discovery on the move, Roon ARC takes things to a whole new level.

Building upon Roon’s existing support for the highest level of digital audio performance, Roon ARC puts audio quality front and center. Roon ARC utilizes the same audio framework that has made Roon at home an industry leader – ensuring an unrivaled listening experience wherever you happen to be when you hit play. Furthermore, by optimizing the signal path, Roon ARC ensures the best possible sound quality from whichever mobile device you’re enjoying your music on. The ‘Signal Path’ information tab within the app displays how the audio you’re listening to flows through to your device – all the way from source media to your headphones.

No mobile data or internet access? The Roon ARC app allows you to easily download any of your local playlists and albums directly to your mobile device so you can enjoy them offline. As Roon ARC downloads music to your phone in its original file format, rather than being compressed, you are ensured the best quality playback possible.

“Roon has set the standard for music experience in the home, and the thing we’ve heard most often from Roon users is that they want to take that experience on the road. It really is a revelation to have all your music – plus Roon Radio, Daily Mixes, and Roon’s metadata – anywhere in the world.” Enno Vandermeer, Founder & CEO

About Roon Labs

Roon is a revolutionary music player for true music fanatics. It transforms the way you explore and expand your music collection. Artist photos, credits, bios, reviews, lyrics, tour dates, and composers are located automatically, then connected to build a surfable, searchable digital magazine covering your entire music collection. Roon also links all your personal files with the millions of tracks available on TIDAL and Qobuz, so you can start with the music you know, then explore and discover new music from the world beyond your collection. Roon runs on most Mac, Windows, and Linux PCs as a server, with an Android or iOS smartphone/tablet used as a control point.


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