Watch & Listen:  Montreux Jazz Festival And BMG Share The First Visual For “Chick Corea: The Montreux Years”

I have to say; I’m quite excited about the upcoming release, “Chick Corea: The Montreux Years” (which I covered here). Chick (who left us February 2021) is one of my all time favorite Jazz artists, and so far, the complete series of “The Montreux Years” recordings (covering stand out performances from the Montreux Jazz Festival) has been masterfully done.

Their installments covering Nina Simone (my favorite Jazz Vocalist) and Muddy Waters (my favorite Blues singer) are both “must listen” albums, with amazing sound quality (esp. the Tidal MQA versions).

That said, today, Montreux Jazz Festival And BMG released a visual for “America (Continents Pt. 4)” from the new Chick Corea project, providing a taste of what’s to come.

This new music makes me want to hear the album even more, and I know it’s going to be a fitting tribute to a real Jazz legend. Check out the video below!

For more info on the album, check out the press release below!

BTW, “Chick Corea: The Montreux Years” is available for pre-order now and will be in stores Friday, September 23.

In addition, If you haven’t heard the Muddy Waters and Nina Simone installments of “The Montreux Years” recordings, I am including them here for your enjoyment:

The following Press Release is courtesy of Montreux Jazz Festival and BMG:

September 8, 2022 – Montreux Jazz Festival and BMG are excited the share the brand-new music video for Chick Corea’s America, performed live at Montreux in 2006. Ahead of the highly anticipated release of Chick Corea: The Montreux Years. The video for “America (Continents Pt. 4)” will be a mesmerizing animated visualization of the mid-century art-inspired artwork.
The video for “America (Continents Pt. 4)” is taken from the next installment in The Montreux Years series – Chick Corea: The Montreux Years. Available Friday, September 23, 2022, the album is a collection of Chick Corea’s finest performances at the Montreux Jazz Festival between 1981 and 2010, opening with the 2001 live performance “Fingerprints” from his Grammy Award winning album “Trilogy”.  The recording will be available in multi-format configurations, including superior audiophile heavy weight vinyl, CD and on streaming services, in superlative HD MQA audio.
Followers of the jazz fusion pioneer can immerse themselves in the timeless material that defined Chick’s career, which includes the track “Bud Powell” from the 1997 album “Remembering Bud Powell”. Exploring Chick’s repertoire of classic material, Chick Corea: The Montreux Years includes the tracks “Quartet No.2” from 1981’s “Three Quartets” and “Trinkle Tinkle” from 1972’s “Piano Improvisations Vol.2”.

Launched in 2021, ‘The Montreux Years’ is the embodiment of the spirit of the Montreux Jazz Festival and the legacy of its much-loved founder, Claude Nobs. Nobs refused to compromise on quality or settle for anything other than the best and this ethos lives on in the superb quality of the recordings compiled in ‘The Montreux Years’. Mastering has been performed by Tony Cousins at London’s iconic Metropolis Studios, incorporating MQA to capture the original sound of the special live performances. Like previous releases of the series, “Chick Corea: The Montreux Years” will be accompanied by exclusive liner notes and previously unseen photography.
Available to pre-order now and released on Friday, September 23, “Chick Corea: The Montreux Years” is the sixth installment of the Montreux Years series, which began with music titans Nina Simone and Etta James, followed by Marianne Faithful and Muddy Waters, and the 2022 release from John McLaughlin. Having received critical acclaim worldwide, both Nina Simone: The Montreux Years and John McLaughlin: The Montreux Years, debuted at #1 on the UK Official Jazz & Blues album chart.
For fans of this, head over to Jazzed for a full-length recording of Chick Corea’s live performance of America (Continents Pt. 4) from his 2006 show at the Montreux Jazz Festival. This has been made available exclusively via their platform. Jazzed is the world’s first audio-visual app dedicated to Jazz.

Side A

  1. Fingerprints (Live – Montreux Jazz Festival 2001)
  2. Bud Powell  (Live – Montreux Jazz Festival 2010)

Side B

  1. Quartet No. 2 (Pt.1)  (Live – Montreux Jazz Festival 1988)
  2. Interlude  (Live – Montreux Jazz Festival 2004)

Side C

  1. Who’s Inside the Piano  (Live – Montreux Jazz Festival 1993)
  2. Dignity (Live – Montreux Jazz Festival 2001)
  3. America (Continents Pt 4) (Live – Montreux Jazz Festival 2006)

Side D

  1. New Waltz  (Live – Montreux Jazz Festival 1993)
  2. Trinkle Tinkle  (Live – Montreux Jazz Festival 1981)


  1. Fingerprints (Live – Montreux Jazz Festival 2001)
  2. Bud Powell  (Live – Montreux Jazz Festival 2010)
  3. Quartet No. 2 (Pt. 1)  (Live – Montreux Jazz Festival 1988)
  4. Interlude (Live – Montreux Jazz Festival 2004)
  5. Who’s Inside the Piano (Live – Montreux Jazz Festival 1993)
  6. Dignity (Live – Montreux Jazz Festival 2001)
  7. America (Continents Pt. 4) (Live – Montreux Jazz Festival 2006)
  8. New Waltz (Live – Montreux Jazz Festival 1993)

Montreux Jazz Festival is a renowned music festival created by Claude Nobs and held annually in Montreux, Switzerland across two weeks in July. Now in its 55th year, the festival draws 250,000 music lovers from all across the world to the Lake Geneva shoreline. Montreux Jazz Festival celebrates the industry’s emerging and contemporary acts, whilst paying homage to music’s legendary acts. Originally a pure jazz festival since inception in 1967, Montreux began showcasing other styles of music throughout the decades and today presents artists from across every genre imaginable. Artists that have graced the stage of Montreux include Etta James, Bob Dylan, Elton John, Ms Lauren Hill, Aretha Franklin, David Bowie, James Brown, Kendrick Lamar, Leonard Cohen, Marvin Gaye, Miles Davis, Nina Simone and many more. Mathieu Jaton serves as CEO of Montreux Jazz
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