#NewMusicFriday January 21st: What’s New In Music This Week-10 Sensational Projects You Need To Hear!

Check Out This Week’s Best Sounding New Music Releases!

Every #NewMusicFriday, we pick a bunch of the best-sounding new albums so you can get your audiophile music fix!… As usual, it’s a very eclectic mix (Albums are arranged with more traditional audiophile genres like Jazz and Blues at the top, and the non-traditional audiophile stuff towards the bottom). Check out the TIDAL streams below!

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Check this music out in High-Resolution Audio! Amazon Music HD-30 Days Free! 

1. Little North-“Familiar Places”

“On the album ‘Familiar Places’ the jazz trio expands on their already well-defined sound.
The energy and warmth of the guitar and raw expressive intention from the trumpet, adds new depths to their musical universe, while the strong sound of the trio makes a continuum. ‘Familiar Places’ present a wide range of emotions and sonic landscapes while continuously diving into the essence of Little North.”

2. Koichi Matsukaze Trio feat. Ryojiro Furusawa-“At The Room 427”

The ninth album in BBE Music’s J Jazz Masterclass Series presents ‘At the Room 427’ by Koichi Matsukaze Trio Featuring Ryojiro Furusawa, a rarely heard exemplar of post-modal power bop and free jazz. Delivered by a trio playing with an intensity and energy that draws on classic Eric Dolphy and mid-era Coltrane but definitely with its own particular vibe, At the Room 427 is an exemplar of febrile improvised jazz that could only come from Japan.

3. Keb’Mo’-“Good To Be…”

Written partially in Nashville and partially in the Compton house Keb’ grew up in, Good To Be.weaves together past and present into a heartwarming tapestry spanning more than 40 years of sonic evolution. Joined by a variety of collaborators, including Vince Gill, producer Tom Hambridge, Darius Rucker, and Kristin Chenoweth, Good To Be.is a deeply cohesive and optimistic collection of music about appreciating what you’ve got, where you come from, and who you get to share it with.”

4. John Mellencamp-“Strictly A One-Eyed Jack”

“John Mellencamp’s 25th studio album Strictly A One-Eyed Jack releases via Republic Records. The album was written & produced by Mellencamp and recorded at his Belmont Mall Studios in Indiana, recorded and mixed by Grammy-award winner David Leonard and features a number of longtime band members including Andy York, Dane Clark, Mike Wanchic, Troye Kinnett & more. It also features three collaborations with Bruce Springsteen including the landmark duet “Wasted Days.”

5. Aoife O’Donovan-“Age of Apathy”

“Grammy award-winner, Aoife O’Donovan’s first solo studio album since 2016 is produced by Joe Henry and recorded at Full Sail Studios in Orlando, Florida. The co-founder of the trio, “I’m With Her”, O’Donovan continues her passion for collaboration on this album that includes guest appearances by Madison Cunningham and Allison Russell.”

6. Jana Horn-“Optimism”

“Debut album from Jana Horn (Austin, TX). Originally released in fall 2020 in a vinyl edition of 300 and now getting a proper worldwide album release.”

7. Silvana Estrada-“Marchita”

“Called “one of Mexico’s greatest young talents and vocalists” by KCRW’s José Galvan, Silvana, who is 23 years old, is the new voice of a movement of independent female artists who have characterized Latin Alternative music over the past decade. She has also been recognized internationally, performing and recording with artists including Uruguayan singer/songwriter Jorge Drexler, Chile’s Mon Laferte, Catalan singer Silvia Pérez Cruz and Spanish group Love of Lesbian, as well as Natalia LaFourcade and most recently, Rodrigo & Gabriela.

8. Aurora-“The Gods We Can Touch”

“The Gods We Can Touch is an elegant and celestial but provocative album about shame, desire, and morality, all seen through the narrative prism of Greek mythology. In each of the album’s fifteen songs, we meet a different god. Featuring lead single “Cure For Me,” the album is ultimately “a celebration of being human, and what makes us human.”

9. Reptaliens-“Multiverse”

“Reptaliens are ready to be direct. After exploring surreal realms of high-concept synth-pop across two acclaimed albums, the Portland, Oregon, duo found newfound clarity in a stark, grounded approach. That may seem unexpected for such a colorful act—known for heady lyrics about conspiracy theories and transhumanism—but Cole and Bambi Browning have streamlined to the lean, propulsive essentials on their self-produced new LP, Multiverse.”

10. Ricky Dillard-“Breakthrough: The Exodus”

“Breakthrough: The Exodus picks up where Dillard’s 2x GRAMMY-nominated Choirmaster left off in 2020. This dynamic artist breaks through the hardship of the past year, directing his famed choir through rousing, up-tempo songs and passionate, heart-stirring ballads that declare freedom and hope. This album is punctuated by Dillard’s signature band hits, staggering soloist features, and over-the-top soprano, alto and tenor parts. It is a live choir experience unlike any other.”

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