PSB Speakers Alpha P5 Bookshelf Speakers In The House! (+ Unboxing Pics)

As an audiophile, there’s nothing I love more than bookshelf speakers. It never ceases to amaze me how speaker designers can stuff amazing musical performances in such relatively tiny little boxes. One tiny little speaker that bowls me over is the PSB Speakers Imagine Mini. I first heard them hooked up to a Rega Brio Integrated Amp, and those little babies just lit up the room! They are less than 10″ tall and looked even smaller on the substantial metal speaker stands they were perched on. But man, they put me center stage at the Jazzmeia Horn concert. It was right then I knew that these guys knew how to design a speaker.

Now the Imagine series, which the $750 Mini comes from, is PSB’s higher-end line. However, they have made the entry-level Alpha series for a long time now, but I never had a chance to hear them. So when I heard that they were revamping the series and coming out with all new designs, I pretty much felt it was my duty as a blogger who covers budget/affordable audio gear, to ask for a chance to review them. To my delight, my wish was granted, and I was sent the larger bookshelf of the series, the $350 Alpha P5. They just arrived, and I am listening to them now. I can’t wait to share my impressions with you. Stay tuned.

Check out my post about the new Alpha Series introduction here. Unboxing pics below.

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