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Audiophile Holiday Gift Guide 2019:‌ 10 Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas, Christmas Gifts Under $100!

The Christmas Holiday Season is upon us again! This year just flew by, didn’t it? Well, here we are back again to help out with Christmas Gifts, and let you know precisely what the Audiophile/Music

Check This Out: Mr. Speakers Has ‌A‌ New Name And New Headphones!‌

No burying the Lede here. Mr. Speakers is now Dan Clark Audio. Dan Clark Audio also has a new headphone, the AEON‌ 2. Headphone enthusiasts know Mr. Speakers. They are a small company that started

Ausounds AU-Flex ANC Wireless Neckband Earphone Review: Astonishing Planar Magnetic Sound Sets These Apart!

While True Wireless Earphones are all the rage nowadays, the neckband headphone seems to be hanging in there. (no pun intended…well possibly…lol) Ausounds’ $199 AU-Flex ANC Wireless Neckband Earphone gives this style the audiophile treatment

Axloie Magic True Wireless Earbuds Review: These Fashionable Earphones Are A Phenomenal Value!

A few months ago, I got an email from a company called Axloie asking me to help review their Magic True Wireless earbuds. You know, at the end of the day, this site is all

The Seductive Fiio M11 Pro Digital Audio Player In The House! First Impressions And Unboxing Pics!

Fiio’s M11 Digital Audio Player had some pretty beefy specs, but evidently that wasn’t good enough because now we have the jam-packed Fiio M11 Pro. In this new version, they upgraded the DAC chips to