AUKEY Key Series T10 Premium True Wireless Earbuds Review:‌ Forget The Raycon Earbuds…These Phenomenal Earphones Are Far Superior!

AUKEY is a company that makes a bunch of computer, power, and audio accessories like phone chargers, hubs, etc. They also make highly regarded True Wireless Earbuds that regularly get four and five-star reviews on Amazon.

Recently, a representative from AUKEY reached out to me and asked me if I‌ would check out one of their TWS‌ earphones, and I jumped at the chance since I’ve heard some really good things.

The model I’m looking at today is the Key Series T10 Premium True Wireless Earbuds, a classy set of wireless earphones that boast up to 7 hours of use per charge. They sell for $109 (plus 30% off product page coupon ) at the date of this writing, and Amazon also has a coupon on their product page.

The review sample was sent to us in exchange for an honest review, and that is what follows.

What we dig: From the minute I opened the box, I was impressed at the overall design of these earphones. The Aukey T10 is very stylish and well made, using a combination of dark grey soft-touch plastic plus chrome accents to give a luxury vibe.

The lightweight rounded earpieces, soft silicone ear tips, and soft silicone ear hooks (or wings) added up to earbuds that were super comfortable to wear. They fit like a glove, and I didn’t have to continually readjust to keep them secured.

They also did an excellent job of blocking out outside noise without active noise canceling.

They’re rated at 7 hours playback per charge, which is about average for TWS runtime these days, and the charging case will juice them back up about 2.5 more times before you have to recharge it.

The fit and finish were excellent. There were no loose pieces, no gaps in the plastic, and even the rotating door on the charging case turned smoothly with no resistance. Yet it stayed closed, keeping the buds secure. The attention to detail also extends to the ear “wings” that were held nicely in place with a tiny tab, so they didn’t shift around.

The T10 uses Touch Controls for playback, phone calls, and to access Siri/Google Assistant. While I‌ always prefer actual buttons, the AUKEY control scheme was one of the most intuitive I have come across. The tap and hold system was easy to learn.

However, like any touch control system, there is a learning curve. You have to learn where to tap and adjust to the tiny lag between the touch and the function performed.

Rounding out the feature list is IPX 5 water resistance, meaning you can use them in the gym or running outside without worry about either water or sweat.

What to look out for:  The T10 does a lot of good things, but there are some things to look out for.

For one, when it comes to Bluetooth codecs, you’re limited to SBC and AAC. AAC is great for iPhone users since it’s native to Apple, but aptX‌ has better sound on Android devices. To be fair, BT‌ codecs don’t tell the whole story when it comes to sound quality, but they do play a part.

The T10 also lacks a function that allows you to hear what’s going on around you quickly. Many earphones at this price have some kind of “Surrounding Awareness”‌ feature where you can press a button, and the earbuds will funnel in sound from the outside.

Such a feature comes in handy when you need to hear a quick announcement while riding the train or something and don’t want to take the buds out of your ears. It falls in the “nice to have category,” it’s not a necessity.

The phone call quality was just ok. I felt I had to raise my voice more than usual to be heard on the other end. I‌ also had to raise the volume up to hear the other person. I‌ don’t put a lot of weight on call handling, but if that is important to you, it’s something to think about.

Sound: I‌ liked the sound on the T10 earbuds. They’re not the most transparent TWS earphone I’ve heard at this price that would be the Shanling MTW100 (with the Balanced Armature driver), but the T10 with its 6mm Graphene-Coated diaphragms provided a crisp, fun presentation.

I‌ would call the overall signature V-shaped, which is pretty much the norm for most mainstream earphones. However, unlike some of the worst examples of that kind of tuning, these are not bass cannons with piercing highs. They give you a relatively detailed high end with extended but not super exaggerated bass.

The mids are recessed but not to the point where they are drowned out; you can hear vocals clearly even if they’re not the most detailed.

The soundstage is pretty wide, with the music seemingly playing out beyond your ears. There’s not enough air and detail in the midrange to provide excellent imaging even though there is some. I‌ didn’t hear “into”‌ the music much; things seemed pretty one dimensional and flat in that sense.

In spite of that, the sound was still entertaining. I‌ loved the punchy bass and how it carried the rhythm, the width/openness of the music, and the quality top-end detail that adds some sweetness.

Compared to the Shanling MTW100, they have a wider soundstage and more bass thump. The Shanling has a sweeter, more forward midrange, which adds air and allows you to hear depth. You can pick out the location of elements on the soundstage.

That being said, the T10 gives you that thump that makes you bop your head and makes you want to move. It has just the right mix of fun and precision to bring some enjoyment to a workout or a commute.

For audiophiles that listen to a lot of jazz and acoustic, the Shanling MTW100 would probably be the better recommendation. Still, for casual listening of just about any other genre, the T10 is the right choice.


I‌ like the Aukey T10. There are so many True Wireless buds out in the world right now that it takes a lot to stand out. I think the T10 has what it takes. They have up to date features like BT 5.0, 7-hour battery life, touch controls, and a wireless charging case, plus they’re also very comfy.

The sound is also great, giving you the right blend of fun and precision. They sound good with any music.

The secure, comfortable fit, sexy design, combined with what I‌ already mentioned, makes this an excellent product for gym rats, commuters, just about anyone looking for a True Wireless around $100.

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AUKEY Key Series T10 True Wireless Earbuds

AUKEY Key Series T10 True Wireless Earbuds








  • Fun, Clear, Sound
  • Comfortable, Secure, Fit
  • Great Build Quality


  • No aptX
  • Touch Controls Take Some Getting Used To
  • Phone Calls Just OK

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