Tranya T3 True Wireless Earbuds Review: The Best Earphones You’ve Never Heard Of!

It seems like it wasn’t that long ago when True Wireless Earbuds were hard to use, didn’t sound all that great, and cost a ton of money. Now if you do a search on Amazon for True Wireless Earphones, it seems like there are a million models from a million different companies, with many costing less than fifty bucks!

One of those companies, an outfit called Tranya, sent me a bunch of emails asking me to try out their latest True Wireless Buds, the $49 Tranya T3, saying they thought I would like them. After looking at their Amazon product page, and seeing a bunch of great reviews, I bit and told them to send me a pair. Tranya provided the T3 to me in exchange for an honest review, and that is what follows.

Build and Features

When it comes to features, there is nothing groundbreaking about the Tranya T3, but they have all the features that you would want in a pair of inexpensive Bluetooth earbuds. They have 6-8 hours of listening time on a charge (60 hours total with the included charging case), Bluetooth 5.0 for extended range and reduced power usage, plus IPX5 sweat/water protection. No Apt-x or AAC codecs to enhance sound quality, but this is not a major issue as you will see.

Auto-Pairing is there too, meaning they automatically turn on and connect with your smartphone when removed from the charging case. They also automatically turn off and charge when returned to the case. This is a pretty much a must for any True Wireless Earphone at this stage in the game.

Build Quality is impressive, with a compact, solidly built charging case, and sleek earpieces that have a nice weight to them. Each earpiece has a flush mounted multi-function button with a dark mirror finish, and they press in smoothly. The buttons are actually translucent, so when you charge or pair the T3, little led lights glow white underneath them. The earpieces look pretty cool to me, and I would have no issue rocking them out and about.

I had one issue with the buttons though, and that was the mirror finish made them a little slick, and sometimes my fingers slipped off them when I had the earbuds in my ears. But after a while, I figured out how to grip the earphones just right, and that made it easier to press the buttons when I needed to.

Speaking of pressing the buttons, controlling the earphones is pretty easy once you get used to the sequence of presses needed to perform a function. You press either bud once to play/pause, press and hold either one to switch tracks and double press either one to change the volume up or down.

You can also triple press either one to summon Siri or Google Assistant depending on your phone, but that was probably the most difficult for me to do, I found it easier to press the Google Assistant button on my phone. But if your phone is not in a place that’s easy to get to, or it doesn’t have a dedicated button for this, the option to bring it up from the earphones will be welcome.

Fit for me was good with the included silicone tips. I was able to pop them in with the pre-installed medium tips and get a very tight seal, which of course is quite essential when attempting to get the best sound quality out of these earphones.

However, if the silicone tips don’t work for you, then Tranya offers some foam ear tips that you can buy separately. You can use some aftermarket Comply tips as well. The T3 was also comfortable when wearing for extended periods.


I like the crisp, clear sound of the T3. They are pretty balanced with a slight accent on the low-end but not to the point where it affects the other frequencies too much. They are not bass cannons by any means. But they do provide some deep, articulate bass when called upon to do so. The mids are very warm and detailed for an earphone in this price range, and the treble, even though rolled off at the very top, is quite pleasant.

You get just the right mix of detail and excitement for casual listening. They do not resolve enough for critical listening, but since we’re talking about a pair of wireless earphones, I really wouldn’t expect them to.

They did have enough warmth and detail to make me enjoy listening to music, and the easy-going, open sound worked with what I listened to, whether it was J.S. Ondara’s Folk song “American Dream” or Anderson .Paak’s hit with Kendrick Lemar, “Tints.” Strings were beautiful with a good weight to them, and vocals were not recessed or muddy, which is the most important thing to me.


Listen, these True Wireless Earbuds are not groundbreaking or anything like that, but they are well built, easy to use, look good, and most important to me, sound excellent for the price. The sound actually rivals a decent pair of wired earbuds. If you are looking for a simple, inexpensive, pair of buds to wear around town or take to the gym, these are worth a try. They seem like a great alternative to something like $99 Samsung’s Galaxy Buds unless you really want a wireless charging case or touch controls. Tranya told me I would like them, and I must say they were right.

Buy Here (w/ $10 coupon at time of writing): Bluetooth 5.0 Deep Bass True Wireless Earbuds, Tranya T3 Sports Wireless Headphones 

UPDATE: If you have smaller ears, then check out the new Tranya T1-Pro, which is basically the same as the T3, but with smaller earpieces!

Tranya T3 Sports Wireless Headphones

$49.00 (w/$10 Coupon at time of writing)
Tranya T3 Sports Wireless Headphones








  • Great Build Quality
  • Great Looks
  • Excellent Sound


  • Buttons sometimes hard to press

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