Get $120 Off The Best Sounding, Easy To Use, Vinyl Record Player On The Market

I don’t talk about analog too much here, but I know with the right stuff, that being the right turntable and phono preamp, analog gear can give you a natural, rich sound that can’t be matched by digital. The problem is, most people starting with vinyl don’t have the knowledge or time to research the best phono-pre/turntable combos.

That’s why Rega, a company known for making some of the best turntables, has come up with the Planar 1 PLUS, an entry-level vinyl record player that combines the best turntable tech out there with a best in class phono-pre built in. This means you can just plug it into any amp and start playing your records right away.

The best part is, for a limited time, you can get $120 off the $595 regular price of this Amazon turntable making it $475! 

Here’s the rundown:

Get your hands on Rega’s most plug-and-play turntable, the Planar 1 PLUS, this summer with our special sale pricing!

For this summer only, we’ve reduced the price of the Planar 1 PLUS from $595 to $475*.

Rega has engineered the convenience of a built-in phono stage with their award-winning Planar 1 and gives up nothing in sonic performance. No more relying on questionable phono stages, the Planar 1 PLUS comes with an integrated pre-amp that is the best in its class. No other turntable simplifies and reduces setup while delivering superb definition and agile response.

 “If you want to hear more of what your favourite artists are trying to communicate beat a path to the dealer’s door and don’t forget your records.”
-Jason Kennedy, The Ear
The Planar 1 Plus is finished in alluring gloss Black or striking gloss White and comes with a dust cover. This turntable is the key that opens the door to true audio reproduction for the music lover looking to build a better system. Drastically improve your vinyl playback by taking advantage of this great turntable!

Please remember this is a temporary reduction and pricing will return to the normal price of $595 at the conclusion of this promotion.

If you want to purchase the Planar 1 PLUS at the reduced price, you can click here, or click the link below! 

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