Q Acoustics Improves a Winning Formula With New 3000i Series Speakers

When a product has already been called “The Best Bookshelf Speaker for Most Stereos” you would think not much improvement is needed. But in a competitive racket like budget loudspeaker design, resting on your laurels is not advised.

This is most likely the reason for Q Acoustic’s release of the new 3000i series, with the “i”  ostensibly standing for “improved” over the current 3000 series. (including the original 3020, dubbed “The Best Bookshelf for Most Stereos“)

The latest edition of the 3000 series, made up of the 3020i, 3010i bookshelf models, plus a 3050i floorstander, blends some new classy, modern design touches with thoughtful technological advancements for better sound.

The cabinets have received a new type of bracing with computer-aided positioning to keep them quiet and improve imaging. In the case of the bookshelf models, the enclosure has increased in size to facilitate deeper bass.

There are also new low profile binding posts which allow for closer placement to walls even with banana plugs inserted, chrome bezels around the speaker drivers, and magnetic grilles for a clean look with the grilles on or off.

The 3020i and 3010i bookshelf speakers ($300 & $250) along with the 3050i floorstanding model ($800), are due to arrive in May, with the matching sub and center channel arriving later in the year. All will be available in four different finishes.

Check out https://www.qacoustics.com/new-3000i-series.html for more specs and info.

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