Updated: Elac Announces Sequel to Popular Speaker Line, Debut 2.0

Today Elac announced via their social media accounts a sequel to their popular Debut speaker line, the Debut 2.0. The original Debut line, designed by acclaimed speaker architect Andrew Jones, was his first project for Elac, and it garnered almost universal praise regarding the sound quality they achieved for a very low cost.

The Debut marked Jones’ second successful launch of affordable hi-fi speakers. the first being with Pioneer/TAD where he also launched a critically acclaimed budget speaker line.

There are not many details regarding the Debut 2.0s, but some have noticed that the new version is front ported as opposed to the rear ports on the original Debuts. I perceive this as a benefit since this will allow for much more flexibility in placement. I found that the original Debuts needed quite a bit of space away from the walls to sound their best.

According to the social media posts, those who are interested can visit elac.com starting March 1st for more details.

3/1/18 Update: Elac now has the full DEBUT 2.0 line posted on their website along with product details and brochures. It looks like they made several meaningful improvements to the original including thicker MDF cabinets, upgraded crossovers, internal bracing to cut down on sound affecting vibrations, as well as new cloth-dome tweeters with wide-dispersion waveguides and new aramid fiber woofers to smooth out low-end response.

From the list of improvements, they made it really looks like they took the few criticisms they received regarding the original Debut series to heart. I can’t wait to hear the new line and compare to the old.

Andrew Jones discussing the differences between the new and old Debut Line….

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