5 Hi-Fi Writers You Should Follow Right Now

If you are the type that eats, sleeps, and breathes audio…here are 5 writers that will help feed your Hi-Fi addiction

1. Steve Guttenberg @AudiophiliacMan – If you’ve been into hi-fi for any amount of time, then you’ve probably read something by this man. He posts daily thoughts about the hi-fi hobby that always get you to think and usually learn something too. He also posts his reviews on great audio equipment at all price points.

2. Paul Rigby @paulrigby50 – Paul Rigby blogs on his website, theaudiophileman.com, and tweets his insightful reviews on a wide variety of audio gear, including streamers, DAP’s and even great music.

3. Scot Hull @PartTimeAudio – Scot blogs over at parttimeaudiophile.com, and has great coverage of all the audio shows as well as great insight regarding hi-fi audio trends.

4. Paul McGowan @psaudio – The PS Audio account is where you will find the insights of Paul McGowan, co-founder of PS Audio, which makes some of the most well respected hi-fi gear out there. The beauty of this account are the daily anecdotes from McGowan, which all tolled, is like a free master class on hi-fi.

5. John Darko @DarkoAudio– Darko holds court over on his website digitalaudioreview.net, where he discusses the cutting edge of hi-fi. If you want to know about hi-res digital downloads, streaming, or computer audio, this is the guy to check out.

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