Dekoni Brings Back Vegan Earpads for Audeze LCD Headphones

Dekoni Audio has announced the return of vegan earpads for Audeze’s LCD range of planar-magnetic headphones. This type of earpad, known for its comfort and distinct sound characteristics, was originally discontinued by Audeze nearly a decade ago.

Dekoni has a reputation for meticulous earpad development. They aim to honor the original headphone design and enhance it with carefully chosen materials and subtle sound improvements. Their new vegan earpads promise to stay true to the sound of Audeze’s original version while offering improved comfort and durability for extended listening sessions.

According to the company, the vegan pads offer a more open sound compared to leather or faux-leather options, with enhanced bass control and smoother high frequencies. The earpads utilize a soft, durable, and breathable microsuede material for the covering, while cushioning is provided by slow-rebounding memory foam for long-lasting comfort.

Dekoni collaborated with audiophile and YouTuber DMS to ensure the recreation of the earpads met the highest standards. DMS noted, “My all-time favorite pads are finally back. Dekoni re-invented the pads that made me fall in love with Audeze 7 years ago.”

According to the Dekoni website, they are compatible with the following models: LCD-2, LCD-2 Classic, LCD-3, LCD-4, LCD-4z, LCD-MX4, LCD-X, LCD-XC

You can also visit the website for earpad dimensions, frequency response graphs and installation instructions.

The Dekoni vegan earpads for Audeze headphones are available now from, Amazon, and select retailers worldwide, with a retail price of $89.99.

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