Final Audio Reveals New D7000 Planar-Magnetic Headphones with Enhanced Technology

Final Audio, a well-respected Japanese manufacturer of audiophile gear, has launched its newest flagship planar-magnetic headphones, the D7000. Building upon the success of their D8000 series, the D7000 incorporates refined Air Film Damping System (AFDS) technology and a newly developed “Pinna-Aligned Diffuser” for an exceptional audio experience.

Innovations in Driver Design

The D7000 addresses challenges traditionally faced in planar-magnetic design. The enhanced AFDS system is said to enable a more profound bass response without the risk of distortion, delivering a robust and open low-end previously unattainable in this headphone category. Final’s Pinna-Aligned Diffuser takes sonic customization further, tailoring the sound for a more consistent experience across different ear shapes.

Sound Signature and Design

The D7000 is designed to strike a balance between the detailed highs of planar-magnetic drivers and the dynamic lows typically found in other headphone types. Listeners should expect clear vocals, nuanced strings, and a smooth overall sound. Constructed from lightweight aluminum-magnesium alloy, the D7000 offers both durability and an aesthetically pleasing design.

Comfort and Accessories

Final has also prioritized comfort and user experience with the D7000. Breathable earpads and a headband crafted from durable Washi material ensure extended listening comfort. The D7000 ships with a protective carrying case, lockable for security, and a high-quality 3m OFC headphone cable with a 6.3mm jack.

Pricing and Availability

The Final D7000 is available now from select retailers worldwide:

  • US: Audio46, Bloom Audio ($3499)
  • UK: Premium Sound, Hifonix, Audiologica (£2999)

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