WiiM Amp Achieves Roon Ready Certification, Enhancing Streaming Options

The WiiM Amp is now Roon Ready – transform how you explore and enjoy music with rich artist info and intuitive browsing tools.

WiiM, a technology company known for affordable, connected audio products, today announced that Roon Labs has officially granted its WiiM Amp Roon Ready certification. The WiiM Amp, released in November 2023, is the brand’s first amplifier, designed to deliver high-quality audio in a streamlined, multi-room setup.

“Achieving Roon Ready certification is a significant step for the WiiM Amp, offering even greater value to our users,” said Lifeng Zhao, CEO of Linkplay Technology. “The Amp was designed to simplify and elevate audio systems, and Roon Ready status pushes its sound quality and versatility to new levels.”

With Roon Ready certification, the WiiM Amp integrates seamlessly with the Roon platform, offering features like multi-room audio, user-friendly music exploration tools, and bit-perfect playback. Roon’s interface provides rich metadata like artist photos, biographies, and reviews, enhancing the music listening experience.

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WiiM Amp Roon Ready

What is Roon Ready?

Roon Ready is a special certification given to audio devices (like streaming amps or music streamers) that work perfectly with Roon software. Roon is like a super-smart music organizer that combines your own music files with streaming services like TIDAL or Qobuz. Roon Ready devices are guaranteed to play this music at the highest quality, and they can even sync up to blast the same tunes throughout your entire house!

Wiim Amp Pricing, Availability & Update

The now Roon-Ready WiiM Amp retails for $299 on Amazon. Existing WiiM Amp owners will receive an automatic update to enable Roon Ready functionality once the unit is turned on. For more information on the WiiM Amp and other WiiM products, visit www.wiimhome.com.

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