TRIANGLE Borea BR10 Arrives: Larger Drivers, More Power, Same Great Value

TRIANGLE expands its affordable Borea range with the BR10 floorstander, featuring larger 8″ drivers for room-filling bass and refined sound. Learn more!

TRIANGLE, a company recognized for producing quality speakers, has added a new flagship model to its popular Borea range – the BR10 floorstanding speaker. This model boasts larger drivers and refined design elements, promising increased power handling and a more expansive sonic experience for listeners.

TRIANGLE Borea BR10 Features

The BR10 stands out with its dual 8-inch bass drivers, delivering deeper bass and greater overall power compared to other Borea models. It utilizes a three-way design, where dedicated drivers independently handle high, midrange, and low frequencies, ensuring optimal audio reproduction across the spectrum. Additionally, the BR10’s high sensitivity rating of 92dB ensures effortless compatibility with a wide range of amplifiers on the market.

Focus on Technology


TRIANGLE’s proprietary Driver Vibration Absorption System (DVAS) is integrated into the BR10, reducing unwanted cabinet vibrations for a cleaner and more focused audio presentation. The DVAS (Driver Vibration Absorption System) is a distinctive proprietary system developed by TRIANGLE for the BOREA floorstanders, and this system incorporates internal panels made of MDF and EVA foam positioned against the bass drivers.

It effectively reinforces the bass driver/cabinet unit, reducing vibratory behavior and absorbing the vibrations produced by the bass drivers’ movement. This innovative approach significantly diminishes the vibrations generated by the membrane suspension, resulting in minimal residual vibration transmitted to the cabinet. Ultimately, implementing the DVAS in the BOREA floorstanders is designed to enhance the listening experience, characterized by the absence of coloration or structural noise.

In addition, the speaker also features a dual terminal design with separate crossovers for the low and mid-high frequencies. This aids those seeking advanced setups, supporting both bi-wiring and bi-amping configurations.

BR10 Dual Crossovers

Why does this matter?

The BR10’s combination of larger drivers and sophisticated design translates into powerful, room-filling sound, making it an excellent choice for larger listening spaces (Recommended for rooms larger than 30m2-About 320 sq.ft.). Thanks to the three-way design and TRIANGLE’s well-regarded tweeter technology, listeners can expect detailed and accurate sound reproduction. Furthermore, the speaker’s ease of use makes it suitable for pairing with both modest and high-powered amplifiers, offering flexibility. Additionally, the BOREA line has been a mainstay for audiophiles looking for both value and refinement, and this new speakers allows these excellent products to cover even more use cases.

TRIANGLE Borea BR10 Overall Impressions

The TRIANGLE Borea BR10 is a noteworthy addition to the Borea range, providing audiophiles with enhanced performance and technology within an accessible price point. Its suitability for larger rooms and emphasis on delivering high-quality sound make it a compelling option for discerning listeners seeking a significant upgrade. We still think the slightly smaller Borea BR08 (see our review) will probably suit most people as it also fills large spaces with refined sound.

There is no word regarding price and availability yet, but check out the website for more info and updates. It should be pretty affordable based on the reasonable cost of the BR08 below it ($1100).

TRIANGLE Borea BR10 Specs:

Type: Floorstander Speaker
Ways: 3
Tweeter : 25 mm
Midrange : 6”
2 x Woofer : 8”
Sensibility: 92 dB
Bandwidth (+/-3dB): 30 Hz – 22 kHz
Power Handling (Watts RMS): 200 W
Min./Max. Impedance (Ohms): 3 Ω / 8 Ω
Cabinet dimensions without
pedestal (LxHxP):
245 x 1110 x 380 mm
Dimensions with pedestal
300 x 1145 x 435 mm

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