sivga nightingale review

Sivga Nightingale Review

SIVGA Nightingale 14.5mm Planar Magnetic Driver in-Ear Monitor Earphones

SIVGA Nightingale 14.5mm Planar Magnetic Driver in-Ear Monitor Earphones







What We Dig

  • Beautiful Design
  • Rich, Open Sound
  • Remarkable Comfort

What To Think About

  • Sub-bass may not be deep enough for some users

Read our comprehensive Sivga Nightingale review, where we cover their sound quality, design, and comfort. Find out if they are the right choice for you.


The Sivga Nightingale is a great pair of IEMs for those who are looking for a lush sound signature with a remarkable midrange and a wide soundstage. Bass dynamics are a bit soft due to a truncated sub-bass, but if you prioritize midrange balance, depth, and openness over rumble, these may float your boat. Comfort, Looks, and Build Quality are very good as well. This is a clear step up over sub $200 Planar IEMs in every category except bass dynamics.


Sivga Nightingale Review

The Nightingale ($229 at Amazon) is the first pair of planar magnetic in-ear monitors (IEMs) from Sivga, a company known primarily for value-priced over-ear headphones with good sound and exquisite wooden construction. It’s a formula they now aim to bring to Planar IEMs, and it’s an idea I was truly excited to hear about.

With the Nightingale, Sivga looks to offer a stunning planar IEM with a balanced, easy-listening sound signature at a very competitive price. Planar magnetic drivers are known for their excellent sound quality, with articulate bass, clear mids, and extended highs. That said, they have received something of a mixed response from headphone enthusiasts who love the clarity of the mids and highs, but often cite a lack of bass punch compared to dynamic and hybrid IEMs.

So, I’m sure you want to know how the new Nightingale fits into the crowded IEM market. Well, I will be reviewing the Sivga Nightingale IEMs in detail and discussing their sound quality, fit, comfort, and features. By the end of this review, you should have a good understanding of whether or not the Sivga Nightingale IEMs are right for you.

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  • Driver type: Planar diaphragm
  • Driver size: φ 14.5 mm
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz – 40K Hz
  • Sensitivity: 100 dB +/- 3 dB
  • Impedance 16 Ω +/-15%
  • Cable length 1.2 M +/-0.2 M
  • Plug size φ 4.4 mm
  • Weight 15 g

What’s In The Box

Sivga Nightingale Review
  • Nightingale earphone: 1pc
  • Hard carrying case: 1pc
  • Eartip size L: 2 pairs
  • Eartip size M: 2 pairs
  • Eartip size S: 2 pairs
  • Eartip case: 1pc

Sivga Nightingale Review: Design And Build

Sivga Nightingale Review

The Sivga Nightingale is a pair of planar magnetic in-ear monitors (IEMs) with a unique and eye-catching design. The earpieces are shaped like water droplets, with a sleek and modern look.

True to the Sivga aesthetic, the front plate is made of beautiful polished wood, which gives the Nightingale a touch of luxury. The metal frame of the earpieces adds to the overall premium look and feel. At the end of the day, they look amazing, appearing to be a lot more expensive than they actually are.

Despite being solidly built, the earpieces are lightweight and comfortable to wear, even for extended periods of time. Even though the earpieces are on the large side, they fit my ears like a glove. The detachable high-purity OFC cable is also of high quality (both flexible and tangle resistant), and with the standard two-pin connection, it’s also easy to swap out with other cables if desired.

Inside the earpieces is an in-house developed planar driver that features a dual magnet array structure. This is said to offer high sensitivity, uniform soundstage distribution, and good transient response.

The driver frame, constructed from aviation aluminum magnesium alloy with CNC machining, is designed to optimize diaphragm movement and reduce sound chamber resonance. The diaphragm, made of ultra-thin composite material with an aluminum coil, delivers transparent treble and extended soundstage.

Here are some additional details about the design and build of the Nightingale:

  • The wooden front plate is made of high-quality ebony wood, which is known for its beauty and durability.
  • The detachable cable is made of high-purity copper and is covered in a durable PVC jacket.
  • The Nightingale comes with two sets of ear tips, including silicone and hybrid ear tips.
  • The Nightingale also comes with a hard carrying case for good protection during storage and transportation.

Overall, the Sivga Nightingale is a well-designed and well-built pair of IEMs with thoughtful features. The unique water droplet shape is sure to turn heads, and the high-quality materials and construction truly make the Nightingale feel like a premium product.

Sivga Nightingale Review: Sound Quality

The Nightingale has a relatively balanced sound signature with a slight emphasis on the midrange. The mids are definitely the strong point of these IEMs as they are super crisp and open and provide the foundation for a pretty wide soundstage that also has decent depth.

The Sivga’s bass is detailed and articulate with a fair amount of punch, but the very lowest notes seem to be truncated a bit, causing a perceived lack of impact on some bass-heavy tracks. The treble is clear and extended, but never harsh, which makes these earphones quite “pleasant” to listen to, as stated in the marketing materials.

Once again, the Nightingale’s soundstage is wide and spacious, with good instrument separation and imaging for the price point. The overall sound presentation is very natural and engaging, especially on acoustic-based tracks like Jazz and Singer-songwriter stuff.

Listening to Beck’s “The Golden Age”, I was really able to revel in Nightingale’s strengths, starting with the sublime vocals, which were so smooth and organic. This IEM was also able to spread the track well beyond my ears with remarkable separation and placement for the background vocals and instrumentation.

That said, when listening to songs that were a little more rhythm-dependent, like Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams, the lack of a distinct sub-bass rumble took a little bit of the head-nodding dynamics away from the track rendering it a little bit sterile for my liking.

On the other hand, with Stevie’s natural vocal, along with the Nightingale’s remarkable openness and musicality, I was able to forgive the politeness on the low end somewhat, since the presentation had so much lushness and realism.

Sivga Nightingale Review: Should you buy it?

Sivga Nightingale Review

If you are looking for a pair of IEMs with excellent sound quality, a comfortable fit, and a durable build for a very reasonable price, then the Sivga Nightingale is a great option to consider. It is especially well-suited for listeners who enjoy a smooth, mid-forward, and lush sound signature with a wide soundstage.

Jazz, Acoustic, and Vocal tracks sound especially stellar. If you’re looking for a lot of bass rumble at the very end of the spectrum, then these Planar Drivers may not do it for you. That said, myself being a Jazz Vocal junkie, I really loved the realistic musicality conveyed by these IEMs.

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