Check Out Andover Audio’s Latest All-In-One Turntable System, The Eye-Opening Andover-One “E”

Last year, we named Andover Audio’s Model One Turntable System Product of the Year under the Best Analog Audio/Turntable Components category, and we still think it’s the best product of its kind on the market.

Well, today, we have some news regarding the Model One system. Andover is announcing a name change as part of their inventory restock, along with a new addition to their lineup:

Model-One is now Andover-One as part of our upcoming restocking of the award-winning system and the addition of a new version—the Andover-One “E”!

Andover-One is the same great system (Stereophile Recommended Components 2021/2022) with a new designation, and is available for pre-order here ($1999; November delivery). Your Andover-One purchase will include a free Songbird Streamer ($99 value), bundled for a limited-time.

Andover-One “E” pulls from the best aspects of the original at a lower price point, with the same footprint and a similar iconic design. It too comes with free Songbird for a limited time. Pre-order here for delivery this November. Compatible with all Andover-One system accessories.

We think that’s pretty cool! If the Model One system (now Andover-One) is too rich for your blood at $1999, you now have the option to pick up the new Andover-One E for $1499, along with a free Andover Songbird Wi-Fi streamer, which is an excellent device.

Andover One E

The Andover One “E” has the same beautiful wood cabinetry and slick functionality as the Andover One, but you will receive a downgrade when it comes to the tonearm (aluminum, not carbon), cartridge, platter (not glass), and driver complement (only two woofers instead of four, dome tweeters instead of AMT).

That said, knowing Andover, I’m sure the “E” version will provide stellar sound quality just like the “new” Andover One and the more affordable Spinbase ($299), which we also love! If you’re looking for an early Christmas present I would put in your pre-order for the Andover One and Andover One E right now, so you can get them by November. Don’t forget you’ll get a free Songbird Wi-Fi streamer (our review here) with your purchase of either one!

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