Pre-Orders For The Z REVIEWS x LETSHUOER Z12 X HiFiGo Planar IEM Begin Today

This year, LETSHUOER made a massive splash in the IEM market with the S12 Planar Magnetic Driver IEMs (review coming soon), which provide remarkably balanced and detailed performance for a very affordable price.

Now in collaboration with Zeos of Z Reviews, a popular review channel, they have come out with a limited edition version of the S12, called the LETSHUOER x Z Review Z12, which has a new red/blue color scheme and a slightly tweaked tuning.

From Hifigo:

Based on Zeos’s suggestion, the tuning of Z12 has been adjusted with a 2dB gain under the 50Hz frequencies improving the sub-bass response of the S12. Other frequencies are kept the same, but with enhanced sub-bass response the pair shows better body throughout the frequency range. S12 is known for its tight, punchy bass response with clear midrange and nicely-detailed treble response. The latest Z12 will retain all those characteristics and will have a better, punchier rumble in the sub-bass region.

With only 500 units of the Z12 available worldwide, it debuts for pre-order today through HiFiGo. The MSRP is 169$, but for the first 100 units, there will be an early bird price of 149$.

The basic version of the Z12 comes with a 3.5mm cable, but for another 10$, you can buy a balanced 4.4mm cable or neck strap along with the Z12. You can also get a complete bundle of the Z12(stock 3.5mm cable) along with the 4.4mm balanced cable and neck strap.

H/T: Hifigo

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