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Triangle’s Majestic BOREA BR08 Floorstanding Speakers In The House! First Impressions And Unboxing Pics

Since it was released last year, the Triangle BOREA series speakers have been a hit with reviewer after reviewer, including me. Most reviewers have fallen in love with the BOREA BR03 Bookshelf, myself included. I

Buchardt’s Stunning New Active Floorstanding Speaker Is A Big Deal!

Back in January, Buchardt Audio announced an Active counterpart to their ridiculously popular S400 bookshelf speaker called the A500. While that model is still only available for pre-order, it hasn’t stopped them from announcing a

Buchardt Audio’s Extraordinary A500 Active Bookshelf Speaker Now Available For Pre-Order!

Buchardt Audio is back!‌ This time around, they have a pair of active bookshelf speakers, which, according to the company, is three years in the making. The new model is called the A500, and it’s