Month: November 2019

Audiophile Holiday/Christmas Gift Guide:‌ The Best Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2019 Headphone Deals!

Black Friday may be slipping away, but the deals will keep going all weekend through Cyber Monday! Today we’re doing a round-up of the Best Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2019 Headphone Deals, where you’ll find the lowest prices of the

Audiophile Holiday/Christmas Gift Guide:‌ More Of The Best Black Friday 2019 Audio Deals! (Updated 11/29)

Today we’re breaking down more of the Best Black Friday 2019 Deals for Audiophiles/Music Lovers, with another list of the best deals on Headphones, Speakers, and a bunch more hi-fi gear!… Brainwavz, AKG, and DROP have some great deals on Headphones

ELAC Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2019 Audio Deals-You Won’t Believe What These Awesome Speakers Are Selling For!

If you’re looking for a deal on some spellbinding audiophile speakers, check out the BLACK FRIDAY/CYBER MONDAY 2019 specials at the ELAC AMAZON Store.  Right now you can get the lowest prices of the year on

Audiophile Holiday Gift Guide 2019:‌ Best Black Friday Audio Deals for Music Lovers-Hi-Fi, Headphones, & Speakers (Updated 11/29)

(Please bookmark for updates all the way up to Black Friday!) The Christmas Holiday Season is upon us again! This year just flew by! Well, here we are back again to help out with your

NAD‌ VISO HP70 Wireless Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Review: Revel In The Breathtaking Detail!

Once upon a time, noise-canceling headphones were manufactured and marketed by only a couple of companies. Those companies were mainly concerned with the quality of the active noise canceling, putting sound quality second, regardless of

Hands-On With The Remarkable iFi PowerStation Power Conditioner/Power Strip/Surge Protector!

Putting together a high-quality hi-fi system, especially on a budget, is a daunting proposition.‌ There are so many variables at play, ranging from speakers, amps, sources, cables, not to mention your personal preferences. After you