Grado Releases Next Generation Of Their $99 Earbuds, The iGe3

Grado Labs iconic on-ear headphones have made them a household name amongst audiophiles, a legacy jumpstarted by their sub-$100 SR-60 headphones that wowed the writers of Stereophile Magazine back in the 90’s with high-end sound at a very low price. I have owned several pairs of the SR-60’s since they came out and they still bring a smile to my face.

Today, Grado released the next generation of their $99 earphones, the iGe3, a product said to serve up the Grado house sound in an in-ear form. The iGe3 are stated to have better drivers and build quality than their predecessors, the iGe earphones, which actually received rave reviews for their sound quality when they were released.

The iGe3 are available for purchase today at, The Official Grado Store.

The following is a press release courtesy of Grado Labs/

Grado Introduces New iGe3 in-ear Headphones ‘Iggy 3’

The Official Grado Store,, has the new ‘Iggy 3’ earbuds in stock with free shipping.

NEW YORK (PRWEB) January 04, 2019

4OurEars is proud to announce that the next generation of the Grado ‘Iggy’ earbuds are here, and they are better than ever, but still at the same low price.

Grado headphones are renowned among audiophiles for their rich sound and hand-built quality, but that doesn’t mean they are only for high end music lovers. Their iGe3 earbuds are priced at only $99 (MSRP), a price point that allows anyone to experience the iconic Grado sound for themselves.

These next-generation earbuds have an updated look, with a sleek grey finish, and four separate ear-tips to ensure a perfect fit. Better yet, Grado has upgraded the driver magnets and transducer to present an even larger and more impressive soundstage. Improved build quality makes them an easy fit for active lifestyles, able to stand up to the wear and tear of walkaround use.

The new iGe3 includes Apple-approved inline controls, ready for iPhones as well as most other brands and types of smart devices. The raised buttons are easily distinguished and perfect for no-look usage, no matter where the user might be. A built-in mic allows for phone calls, as well as Voice Assistant activation.

The previous iGe was praised by BBC Music as “Our new benchmark recommendation under £100,” and the next generation model is even better in all significant ways. Music lovers will be hard pressed to find better sound at such an affordable price, and these would be perfect gifts for anyone who wants great sound on the go.

When buyers purchase iGe3 earbuds, or any headphones from, they can rest assured they are receiving 100% genuine authorized Grado products, backed by a full USA warranty. 4OurEars is the official online home of Grado products, and should be the first stop for all Grado fans looking for the latest in technology. 4OurEars always has Grado products at the lowest prices anywhere, plus free shipping on all headphones in the continental United States. 4OurEars is also the only authorized Amazon seller of Grado products.

For decades, Grado has held a special place in the music technology industry, holding true to their “boutique” hand-assembled design philosophy. This has allowed them to remain a favorite of audiophiles. These new iGe3 earbuds make Grado accessible to a much wider audience.

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