Zorloo Introduces Its Second-Generation Portable USB-DAC Product

This is a press release from Zorloo (HK) Limited.

KOWLOON, Hong KongDec. 29, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Zorloo is pleased to introduce its second-generation portable USB-DAC product, ZuperDAC-S, today. It builds on its wildly praised ZuperDAC to enable computers or mobile phones an unprecedented HiFi music experience.

Today, computers and mobile phones are powerful enough to handle different audio protocols. However, the last but most critical step in the entire digital-to-analog conversion process, i.e. turning musical data 0 and 1 into audible sound waves, always sucks. Constrained by the limitation of this internal conversion process, audio may also have to be re-sampled to fit the pipeline.

Bypassing the internal conversion with ZuperDAC-S drastically improves sound quality to a new level. It supports up to 192kHz sampling frequency and 24-bit depth, which eliminates unnecessary sample rate and bit depth conversion. The music output from ZuperDAC-S is exactly what was recorded.

ZuperDAC-S uses the ESS Sabre 9018 audiodac and delivers a stunning 120dB SNR and 0.0005% THD+N performance. It delivers a balanced, clear and articulated sound in a wide soundstage. The integrated headphone amplifier output can connect directly to headphones, or go through the amplifier systems.

We live in a world of diversified platforms varying from Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS and Linux. ZuperDAC-S supports USB Audio Class 2 high-speed asynchronous mode and is compatible with all these platforms. It is also connector friendly with three bundled cables for systems using USB-A, micro-USB or USB-C interfaces.

Measured in just 50mm x 16mm x 10mm and weight less than 10g, it is also battery-free; there is no need for recharging. ZuperDAC-S is a true portable HiFi USB-DAC that can be carried around anytime, anywhere. It is housed in a matted aluminum chassis with three color options, namely silver, red and gray. The two black buttons allow for independent volume adjustment and also deliver an overall two-tone color theme.

Zorloo will launch a crowdfunding campaign for ZuperDAC-S in January 2018. The suggested retail price is USD $79 and there will be an early bird special offer during the crowdfunding campaign at USD $45. Please visit the Zorloo website (www.zorloo.com/zuperdac-s) for the latest information on the campaign launch and availability.

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