Favorite Jazz Albums of 2017-Part 2

Well in 2017, the Jazz was so nice, we had to do the Favorite Jazz Albums twice…here are some more albums that stood out to me last year…

Louis Hayes-Serenade for Horace

Drummer Louis Hayes, who came to prominence as sideman for Jazz Greats Horace Silver and Cannonball Adderly, signed with Blue Note Records in 2017 and released this, his first album as a bandleader. Man, this album swings so hard, and is recorded so well, you will not only tap your feet the whole way through, you may think you are right there in the recording studio. Be sure to check out “Song for My Father” featuring Gregory Porter…

Ariel Pocock-Living in Twilight

Ariel Pocock is a young Jazz vocalist and pianist from North Carolina, and I found this, her second album, by chance just clicking around in Spotify! I love artists who swing, and she can swing with the best of them, fusing youthful exuberance with an ardent desire to represent jazz traditions. Just check out the tracks “500 Miles High”,  “Saudacoes”, and the title track “Living in Twilight” to see what I mean.

Laurent De Wilde-New Monk Trio

Laurent De Wilde is a French Pianist who literally wrote the book on Thelonious Monk. His book “Monk”, won awards in Europe, and this album is a tribute to the Jazz Legend who would’ve turned 100 years old in 2017. His experimentation with different tempos and harmonies in his interpretations of Monk classics has created something totally different and brilliant, yet still true to the original. Be sure to check out “Thelonious” and “Misterioso”

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